How do I identify who I could consider to network with for a job? I always read in blogs and articles that networking is the best way for me to find a job. I'm only 21 and don't have much experience in the professional world to think of many people I could reach out to and "network" with to find work. Do you have any recommendations of people I might want to consider?

I would recommend setting up a meeting with Career Services at your school to find out more about the opportunities that are available to you.  I'm sure that they have heard about internships that you…

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I'm stressed! I had about a dozen networking coffees and lunches over the summer. I'm still jobless, unfortunately. Is it rude to follow up with the people I met to see if they may have any new leads? None of them linked me with any interviews or positions, so it's not like I messed up an interview based off their recommendation. Thanks!

It is absolutely acceptable to follow up with the people you met over the summer. I’d recommend it! You may want to draft a nice template, and tailor it accordingly for each person.

I'm updating my resume. Are there any current formats that recruiters prefer? It would seem that resume formatting trends change from year to year.
It’s a great idea to keep your resume updated to remain competitive! It’s important to keep your resume in a clean format and to the point. You should list your contact information at the top of…

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If i didn't finish college should I still put it on my resume? i'm going through a career training program through unemployment in it's place, so should i put that for the education part of the resume?

I would recommend placing both on your resume, but be prepared to discuss why you did not finish college.  There is good experience that can be gained in college even if you do not finish, plus you will…

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I recently graduated with a degree in Banking and Finance, but I have no relevant experience in the banking nor finance industry. While trying to look for jobs, I realized the majority require a minimum of 1 year of experience. Is it fair to assume that if I want to enter the banking industry, the only option is to start as a Bank Teller or Sales position? And if so, what are my chances for advancement??

Fair question and I understand the anxiety. This industry is extremely competitive and most companies requires a certain level of expertise however, there are always ways to find what we are looking for. We…

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