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A half dozen Jobipedia contributors shared one of their own, personal career "firsts" in this eBook, and discussed what they learned from the experience. This eBook shows that everyone has had a first interview, first job, and first mistake! It's all about what you learn and how you use these experiences to grow and advance your career.

Networking eBook

If you're in college and believe you don't have a professional network, you're wrong. This eBook helps you identify people that may assist your job hunt, describes how to find and respectfully connect with college recruiters on LinkedIn, and explains why as a college student you're in a great position to grow your network quickly.

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You've probably heard how important a great resume is when you're looking for a job. But you're unsure how to exactly write and display important points. This eBook tells you how to bulk up a thin resume, describes why you should tailor your resume, and reveals what almost all college recruiters consider resume gold.

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A first impression is everything. And that first interview will establish yourself in the process, or have you passed over for other candidates. This eBook outlines exactly how to prepare for a job interview, how to manage anxiety, and even provides specific questions you can ask that will impress your interviewer.