/ Asked by Sally S.
Yes, I feel internships look good on all different kinds of applications.  Put them on!

/ Asked by Tanya L.
I am sure there are times where people have founds jobs at industry conferences.  However, you should go with the focus of networking not landing a job.  If you are passionate about the industry, I would definitely go to the conference.  Make your name known/market yourself, learn mor...

/ Asked by Sam B.
That is great news!  
When it comes to negotiating a salary with a company that could potentially be your employer, it becomes sticky. If you want to negotiate you need knowledge behind why you should. Research what kind of salary is standard for this job, the industry & at the same level of...

/ Asked by Laura C.
Congratulations!  It is a great accomplishment to make it to the final interview stage. There are typically tons of applicants & you got what it takes to stand out from the masses!
In my opinion a good time to reach out in regards to your final interview is anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. Comple...

/ Asked by Monica M.
In the skills section of an application you could have one word answers or multiple.  Look for skills from your life experiences that correlate with the job you are applying for.   

/ Asked by Kiran M.
Get out there & market yourself!
Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • Create a profile on Linkedin. Do not put your resume on your profile. Be creative, make yourself stand out. Connect & follow people in the food companies that you’d love to work for. Join groups & network.
  • Add y


/ Asked by Claudia J.
Spelling mistakes, spelling mistakes, spelling mistakes!  
The other common errors I see that bother me:  Referencing a different job and/or company in the objective.  Stating an objective that clashes or has nothing to do with the job they are applying for.  

/ Asked by Hui-hua W.
You can do a variety of things to help you prepare to take a leadership path.
Here are some ways to gain experience & show your management that you are interested:
  • Volunteer to mentor an intern
  • Be vocal on projects you are a part of
  • Motivate people on your team – take a cheerleader app


/ Asked by Donald G.
It's more about the content vs. the label, but if you are going for more of an edgy role or company you can get creative.  I like more of the summary approach at the begining of a resume.  Something that sums you up or makes you unique in a few short sentences that isn't in your body of yo...

/ Asked by Sheldon M.
I would just ask where you stand with the status of your application & when do you expect to hear about the next steps. Make sure you include the position you are inquiring about & maybe one sentence why you’d be a good fit.  Lastly, include where you stand on your feelings about ...

/ Asked by Lily N.
A Spring Internship is definitely offered at some companies, however the selection won't be as large as the Summer sessions. 
I suggest you use a job aggregator like Indeed or SimplyHired & search for keywords like internship, intern or co-op and add the word Spring.  

A little sourcing


/ Asked by Ashley S.
I would wait until Monday. You don't want to be too pushy when they set expectations for you. If you really feel a desire to get your name in front of them before that, send a thank you email for the last interview & express that you are very interested in moving forward.

Seeing other finalists

/ Asked by Andrew H.
Most companies can accommodate interviews for after hours or during a lunch break. If the question comes up about your work history & current employment, you need to be honest. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with a potential employer. I don’t think there is anything wr...

/ Asked by Giuliana C.
I feel that your social media & marketing internships will give you a great mix of experience. Some suggestions to help you obtain a job in fashion:

- Take additional classes that relate to retail/fashion.
- Network with professionals in the industry.
- Use social media to brand yourself with fashi


/ Asked by Toby M.
I have 3 favorites:  I feel The Ladders is my favorite app there when it comes to look & easy to use.  Indeed is a catch all that aggregates all sites.   Glassdoor has a great set up that can help you keep track of specific companies.

/ Asked by Angela R.
I would suggest 3 things to get you started on your career search in Puerto Rico:

1. Search on Indeed for legal positions specific to Puerto Rico.
2. Create a profile if you haven’t already in LinkedIN & send out requests to connect to other lawyers in Puerto Rico.
3. Do a map search online f


/ Asked by David V.
Yes, it is!  Make sure your picture is professional & your profile is updated. Start networking with people in your field and/or industry. You can send them a brief message that introduces yourself & your mission. Make the message short & sweet! The bigger you build your network the...

/ Asked by Mike M.
I believe there aren’t consequences for not sending a thank you note, it is just a little added bonus on your behalf that could portray the following things:
Sending a thank you note is a great way to get your name in front of the recruiter and/or hiring manager again. It is courtesy to be than...

/ Asked by Ridha P.
Companies understand that there are reasons students may need to take a break. This shouldn’t hold you back from getting an internship. Keep your dates (by year) of attendance at each college on your resume. I wouldn’t state your reason(s) why on your resume. The appropriate time to expl...

/ Asked by Andrew F.
You should include your first name, last name, phone number, email address & your title or major if you are in college. 

/ Asked by Kristine O.
Speaking a 2nd language is a great asset to have. Lots of companies are looking for that additional feature when hiring an employee for all types of roles. In some roles it is a requirement. Depending on your past experience and/or your desire to go into a specific area (customer service, sales, fin...

/ Asked by Aden J.
The software we use has a search function built into it. We use the keyword searching function typically for past applicants that could be interested in a current opening.
The keywords used depend on the job requirements they are looking to hire someone for. For example if it is a sales role keywords...

/ Asked by Fernando C.
You can address your cover letters to the following when you don’t have a specific name:

To Whom It May Concern, Dear Recruitment Professional, Dear Human Resources Professional, Dear Hiring Manager, Dear Sir/Madam or just leave it blank.

/ Asked by ali s.
It is very important, unless it is an entry level job. Recruiters look for transferable skills, relevant experiences that will be beneficial to the team they are hiring for.

When we are sourcing for specific prospects for an opening, we use keywords. If your dream job is something you’ve never

/ Asked by Matt L.
If it has been a month and you haven't heard a thing, I would start following up now. Typically you should hear bad or good within 2 weeks. Knowing you are a December Grad, I would say 1 week. I recommend following up with an email if you have it. If not, call them. I would approach the email and/or...

/ Asked by Mike M.
Read about the company in depth, figure out why you want to work for them.  Know the job description & think about your experiences that relate to it.  Practice interview questions that are online.  Remember that your interviewer is human too, so be yourself & take y...

/ Asked by Geoff F.
Great questions!  Standing out in a pile of resumes is hard to say exactly what that would be. We all view “standing out” differently. Here are some suggestions that I like: Catering your resume (if you can) in regards to the job, industry and/or the audience. Put your strengths on ...

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