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/ Asked by Julie B.
Fantastic question! This is something that some people spend a whole career developing. The first thing I would advise is to recognize that there is not one "holy grail" communication method. Companies thrive in diverse work environments, therefore you will have a diverse audience with a wide range ...

/ Asked by Yogita H.
Congrats on making it to the second round of interviews! If you do well, I wouldn't be surprised if you have even more interviews. The second round usually indicates that not only did you do well enough to "pass" the first round, but also that you will most likely be interviewing with decision maker...

/ Asked by Deana R.
This is a great question that Steve answered very well. Just to add a little more, I would be sure to update your resume with your new address. If you do not know your new address yet, make sure it is clear that you will be moving to that area. 

And I would start applying right away. The intervi

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