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/ Asked by Josephine G.
In our onboarding process it means you are still being considered for the position. My suggestion ifollow-up with the recruiter and reiterate how interested you are in the role. Good Luck!

/ Asked by La'Toya W.
It means they are no longer recruiting for the role.  So it could mean they have identified a candidate or they are no longer filling the position.

/ Asked by Brittany H.
Apply for internships!  An internship will allow you to be noticed.  Remember to have writing samples available when interviewing.  
Good Luck!

/ Asked by Samantha J.
My suggestion is to speak with a representative from your school.  Schools usually place students so they are aware of requirements of employers.  Being 100% honest and disclosing your conviction at the beginning is a positive.  Not disclosing convictions is considered falsifying your...

/ Asked by Jeanne W.
You need to have consistent policies in place.  Going forward days off will be given to those who ask first then by seniority.   No more then one employee will be allowed to be off at the same time. In case of an emergency and you need a day off and someone else has it off, please pro...

/ Asked by Lindsey A.
Great question -  Not needed if you have a full resume. However, if you did not work or did not participate in extra-curricular activities or did not make the dean's list in college, consider adding high school and high school achievements to your resume.  

/ Asked by Amelia D.
My suggestion is to apply to positions  which you are interested in. In your cover letter convey why your background is a fit and why you are interested in the role and how you can add value.  Remember your skills are transferable. 

/ Asked by Kahzah M.
When you have no experience in the new field the best way to position yourself is with your transferable skills. Give tangible examples of things you have accomplished that are relevant to the new role. However, you may have to take a few steps back to move forward.

/ Asked by Angela B.
Employers ask about race on job applications for affirmative action purposes. However, based on Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, it is illegal for an employer to use race in evaluating job applicants except when race is a necessary factor of employment. Private employers may also track s...

/ Asked by Tanya L.
Your parents should be helping you behind the scenes.  Anything they do should not be seen by a recruiter.  The company is hiring you not your family. Remember companies are looking for people who are self motivated, independent & driven.

/ Asked by Emily P.
Through life we meet people we like, like better or dislike. You need to focus on the work, it's always about the work. Managers and workers come and go the work remains, If the manager is treating you differently then your co-workers that is a much bigger issue. Keep conversations wo...

/ Asked by Sarah T.
Usually on the application the agency will tell you how many references are required. If not, do one professional, one educational and one personal. They will contact you if additional information is needed.

/ Asked by Mitesh S.
Unfortunately in the workplace things happen beyond anyone’s control. Budgets could hold up an offer, a hiring manager’s sick child, vacation’s, do you see where I am going? Believe it or not inconsistency is “normal”. My suggestion is to contact the recruiter/HR manage...

/ Asked by Tiffany Y.
Ask the recruiter what you could have done differently during the interview to help you going forward. Sometimes we trip up because we are trying to over compensate. Be true to what you know and it is ok to take deep breathes between questions. Pause if you need to!

/ Asked by roshini b.
Anytime you want to learn, improve or develop look for continuing education classes. I would google, grammar for professionals review choices. There are also standard classes offered by University’s and College’s. After you polish up on your grammar think about public speaking groups. In...

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