/ Asked by Emily P.
Attend social networking events, get involved with the community, find ribbon cutting ceremonies where business professionals will be attending.

/ Asked by Krystin G.
Try to gain as much non-work related experience as possible that you can add to your resume. For example, if you want to work for a veterinarian, but you currently work in retail-- start volunteering at a pet shelter or pick up a part time/weekend job grooming or taking care of animals. Also be prep...

/ Asked by David V.
Yes! There is always value to attending networking events. Lots of times when I attend it is about meeting new people and trying to find some common ground with them. Most of the time it is easy conversations and people remember me the next time they see me at an event. I have many friends and colle...

/ Asked by Emma R.
Skills, Education, and Experience. Also, an objective of some sort may be important but you must make sure that it is relevant to the position you are applying for.

/ Asked by Krysten B.
Not making eye contact and fidgeting are big ones. Come in with some confidence and a firm handshake and it goes alot further than no eye contact and playing with your hair.

/ Asked by KelliMae S.
Yes! Volunteering, even just on a once in a while basis shows that you are a team player and are willing to give back to your community. It definitely shines a positive light on you as a potential employee.

/ Asked by Nathalie N.
This is a case by case basis. It depends upon the type of relationship that you and your boss have. Personally for me, my boss and I will send emails back and forth at any time (not 3am or anything like that), but of an evening every once in a while or over the weekend or even on a vacation day for ...

/ Asked by Nathalie N.
Casual could mean an array of different things-- but for an interview, it's always best to dress the part. So, just because the interviewer said to dress "casual", it would be in your best interest to at minimum do khakis and a polo- or something to that effect. Obviously, if they say casual, I woul...

/ Asked by Joel R.
This could mean nothing, or it could mean something is updating or changing regarding your status. It's never a bad idea to reach out to the company/recruiter to check on your application or interview status as long as you are not overdoing it. Keeping in contact and building relationships is key. S...

/ Asked by Maura W.
Normally, this is ok if you had a trip or engagement that was planned prior to you accepting the position.  However, you will want to make sure that you discuss this with your boss as soon as possible so that everything can be arranged and planned in enough time.

/ Asked by Maura W.
The best approach to base the answer to this question on your relationship with your supervisor. If you have a solid line of communication and feel comfortable enough sharing your personal business with your supervisor, I would suggest sharing with them. However, with that said, I still wo...

/ Asked by chance a.
Most of the time they are simply asking a question to throw you off a bit, maybe even lighten the mood, and see how quick you are on your feet. Typically there is an "answer" for these types of questions, but they are more looking to see how you respond when you are caught off guard.

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