/ Asked by Dominic G.
Hello, It depends on your company and their financial cycle. As Tom mentioned, most companies do have it annually, and some may have it more frequently throughout the year. I would suggest speaking to your manger to gain their feedback on your performance and taking on more responsibilities to warra...

/ Asked by Yana D.
If the internship is aligned to the field of work you are pursuing or thinking about pursuing it’s a good idea. At the very least, it will help you decide if you don’t want to be in that field or the industry. I would suggest understanding the internship role and responsibilities and see...

/ Asked by Sarah C.
Hello, lots of great questions, let’s take it one at a time:

Salary – Do you research and come prepared! While I understand most people are hesitant to give a number, it’s to make sure everyone is in the same ball park. If you are flexible in the range you are looking for, mention t

/ Asked by Kristin H.
I agree with Eddie on all points! Understand what area you are interested in first and also check out different marketing job titles and duties. This will help you understand the roles and responsibilities as well as the expectations of what you bring to the table.
Good luck!

/ Asked by Amanda L.
Keep in mind the role you are applying for. It is best to use a writing sample that is related to the industry or job function requesting it. If the job description highlights skills such as creatively, problem solving, critical thinking, etc., you want to use your writing sample as a vehicle to pro...

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