/ Asked by Kate L.
Congratulations on the offer.   It could be that you received the offer letter with the managers signature but it was generated via a database and HR moved you forward through the process.   You may not actually talk with HR during the hiring process.  

/ Asked by Susan M.
Congratulations on the interview.   

Many companies use this method when interviewing and it is not a bad sign.   I would suggest that at the end of each interview you ask about the process and how you should follow up in regards to the position.   They may give you the

/ Asked by Kate L.
It depends on the size of the organization and how large the talent acquisition staff is.   If it's a large company the jobs you applied to could belong to different recruiters.  In that case each recruiter would only look at the candidates for their positions.  I would recommend...

/ Asked by Rasmine G.
Yes I would encourage you to add these to your resume.   Especially if they represent a skill or interest that you excelled in.  When looking at resumes, accomplishments and outcomes of behaviors are highly effective in securing the interview.   Adding experience that you we...

/ Asked by Jared T.
It's important to remember that your resume is a document that markets you to companies.  It is not an employment application. I find the best resume's are the ones that tell someone more about your accomplishments and not just a list of your skills and job duties.  Your accomplishments re...

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