ManpowerGroup, the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, offers valuable insights on how best to navigate the changing world of work in the Human Age - the transformative new era ManpowerGroup has identified where human potential is now the major agent of economic growth.

For jobseekers, the rapidly-evolving Human Age necessitates continual learning, growing and developing to keep pace with the velocity of change that is impacting the needs of businesses and ensure they remain an attractive prospect to potential employers.

ManpowerGroup's extensive global research reveals a disconnect between the skills employers seek and the skills that individuals possess. One third of employers around the world cannot fill jobs due to a lack of available talent. The same jobs regularly top ManpowerGroup's survey of the hardest jobs to fill, fueling the fear that workforce entrants are "job-ready" as opposed to "graduate-ready."

Because ManpowerGroup has unrivalled expertise into connecting the visions of clients, the motivations of people, and what's now and next in the world of work, we are not only directly involved in helping to create more innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for employing young workers, but also helping ensure young and promising talent is enterprise-ready and will succeed over the long-term in an increasingly complex economy.

/ Asked by Tommy
When I was a recruiter, I received a wide variety of questions. Below are the top 4: 

  1. What is the one accomplishment you’d like to see from me in the first 90 days? Most interviewees ask


/ Asked by Alex
I agree with the previous comment -- be sure to ask beforehand, giving some background on the position and company that you're applying to. Once given their permission, be sure verify their preferred ...

/ Asked by Madeline
Hi there, great question. 

There are two ways that they will most likely determine your emotional intelligence: 
1. Through questions where they will ask you for examples on how you handled a


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