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At Merck, we believe in the promise of each new generation and all you’ll contribute to the world. In this spirit, we’ve developed the Future Talent Program, which offers aspiring young talent a strategic head start for future leadership. Through challenging and experience-rich internships and co-ops, we have set our participants on their life’s journeys— thoroughly equipped with a sharpened sense of purpose and igniting passions that will shape the future of our industry.

/ Asked by Melanie
That's a great question. I wouldn't fill it up with ALL of your work - i would choose maybe 5-8 pieces of work that you feel best exemplifies your skills and different types of work and focus on those...

/ Asked by Melanie
Hi there - I am not a legal expert by any means, but I believe that all states with recreational marijuana laws have exemptions for for workplace drug policies. I'm not sure which state you live in, b...

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