W. R. Grace & Co. is a high-performance specialty chemicals manufacturer built on talent, technology, and trust. Grace teams deliver real value to our catalysts and materials technologies customers—and their customers—using chemistry to improve everything from fuel to pharmaceuticals, toothpaste to tires, beer to biofuels, and plastics to paint. We’re a $2 billion market leader with 80% of our sales in markets where we’re #1 or #2. We’re leaders in FCC catalysts, resid hydroprocessing catalysts, polyethylene and polypropylene catalysts, and PP process technology licensing as well as specialty silica gel.

More than 3,900 members of the Grace global team perform an extraordinary array of roles from research and development to manufacturing and operations; from sales and technical support to marketing, IT, finance, and more. We speak many languages including business English. We serve scores of industries. We develop, produce, and deliver thousands of unique products to many of the world's most recognized companies.

The game changers we're hiring value teamwork, performance, integrity, speed, and innovation. When you join Grace, you'll become part of a team with world-class talent working together to solve problems...developing the best technology to solve new challenges and serve our customers...confident in the trust we must earn in our industries and communities.

Learn more about working at Grace at grace.com/careers.

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