How to Have Success with Cold Email Outreach

While social media has led to a whole new host of communication options, email still reigns supreme in the business world. For those looking to land a job, that means that email is a great way to contact recruiters and hiring managers. But before you hit “send” on that email to a potential employer, make sure you’re doing it right to optimize your chances of a positive response.


Include the Proper Information

If you’re going to reach out to a company that doesn’t have any job openings posted, make sure you are providing them with everything they would need to consider you as a candidate. Alisha, a hiring expert from Archer Daniels Midland, says, “If there is a company you are interested in, I would email your resume to them and introduce yourself. Tell them what type of position you would be interested in and your qualifications/skills.”1 In addition to that information, make sure you include all of your contact information so that they can call you if they are interested.


Network, Network, Network

While getting a job is probably your first priority for obvious reasons, it may be beneficial to approach it as more of a networking opportunity than a cold outreach. Phil, a hiring expert from Merck, advises, “Rather than ask for a job, treat this as more of a networking opportunity. Reach out to some folks at the company you're looking at, especially those within the field you're trying to enter.”2 People are more likely to help someone they have built a relationship with first and may be more willing to put in a good word for you after they’ve gotten to know you and your career interests a bit more.


Try LinkedIn Instead

Depending on the size of the company, just sending an email may not catch the attention of anyone in the position to help you. While many websites do have an “email us” button to submit questions, there are no guarantees that your resume will even be seen by a hiring manager. Ashlyn, a hiring expert from Worthington Industries, suggests, “Instead of emailing a company, do some research on LinkedIn and identify one or two people to reach out to. These people can be in HR or the field that you're hoping to get into. Explain your background and excitement to work for the organization and ask if they'd be open to answering a few questions for you.”3 This will allow you to be more efficient in your job search and avoid just firing off resumes into the void, which is what online applications can often feel like.


In addition to these tips, it is important to brush up on your email etiquette so that you always come off as professional and credible to potential employers. Make sure you have a professional email signature and are sending emails from a professional email address. Always reply quickly to those who respond to your emails to show your interest and respect for their time. And lastly, it should always be your end goal to move the conversation to a phone call or in-person meeting. You will have a much better chance at getting the job through networking with hiring managers offline. While cold email outreach will take a little bit of creativity and a lot of patience, it can definitely pay off in the end!




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