Be More Confident
You know that confidence is important in relationships: when you feel confident, you’re more likely to ask out that person you’ve been thinking about… and also much more likely to get a yes as a response. But did you know that confidence is equally important in the workplace?

As an article from Forbes Magazine so bluntly puts it, being confident will have you “taken more seriously...If you know your subject and stance, believe in yourself and speak with poise and conviction, you will naturally exude confidence. Conversely, uncertainty begets uncertainty. If you doubt yourself, so will others... And without confidence you won’t stand out, you won’t be assigned great projects, and you’re less likely to be recognized or get raises, bonuses, and promotions.”

Confidence is a key component to job and life success. When you are confident in your work, it paves the way for you to be more confident in your life. If you follow the advice of our experts below you won’t have to fake it until you make it. 

In an in-person interview:
Sylvia, a Hiring Expert at HP Enterprise - 
“I would recommend a few mock interview practice runs. This will help you be more comfortable in your answers, which will drive a more confident delivery. You also want to anticipate questions and answers. During your research, you should also search for information about the company interview process and potential find past interviewers comments and questions they have been asked. Take a step back and analyze yourself or ask peer/friend/colleague for their advice. Think of weaknesses as areas that you can control, and have the power to improve.”Ref Link

Mike, a Hiring Expert at Avery Dennison Corporation - 
“For self-confidence, I would suggest doing as much preparation as possible [for an interview]. I also feel more confident going into interviews when I feel that I have done my part to 1.) research the company, 2.) prepare individual questions for each interviewer, 3.) understand the role and job description and 4.) practice responding to typical interview questions.”Ref Link

On a phone interview:
Dan, a Hiring Expert at Mutual of Omaha - 
“During your telephone interview, remember to be happy. If you are relaxed and smile while speaking, it will allow you to give positive answers and sound confident - it’s always best to impress the employer with your enthusiasm. Put away distractions and focus on the phone call. To help, stand up and take notes. Standing and walking around can help your voice come across more effectively and show that you have good communication skills.”Ref Link 

If you already have the job:
Courtney, a Hiring Expert at ADP - 
“There are two things I would recommend to give you some more confidence: (1) Establish an open dialogue with your manager when prepping for and executing meetings. She/he can advise on how to best engage the audience and provide some good feedback once that dialogue gets started. (2) Find yourself a mentor who isn’t your direct boss, but who is involved in some of the projects that can provide you some feedback. These two tips will help you not only now, but all throughout your career.”Ref Link

Stephanie, a Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc. - 
“Take a deep breath and enter every situation with the knowledge that you've got this!  Being confident goes a long way in managing the situation. If you need a boost to your confidence, consider some breakout sessions where you can get to know the members of the team better. Once you all perceive each other as allies with common goals you'll work together to find team success.”Ref Link 

Try out these helpful tips in an interview or on the job to watch your work confidence blossom. Perhaps your newfound confidence will help you in your romantic life as well. 
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