Advice for the Recent College Grad
With the spring semester drawing to a close, millions of new college graduates are receiving their degrees and stepping out into the world. Regardless of whether your degree is an Associates, a Bachelors, a Masters, or any other higher-level certificate, it’s possible that this is your first time to enter the real world and find a full-time job. 

As you make the transition from student into the next phase of your life, take some time to reflect upon the wonderful memories you’ve made along the way. Don’t forget to say thank you to those who have helped you or impacted you on your journey, and don’t be too proud to listen to the advice of those who have come before you. 

On that note, our hiring experts from some of the nation’s top companies join forces to share their advice for the recent college graduate. Read on to discover how to be your best self, find a good job, and be happy in all that you do. 

On finding a job:

Merron, Hiring Expert at DuPont:
“Start by asking yourself where your passions lie and what you're interested in. The only person that can really answer that is you. Once you determine your passion and interests, follow them!”Ref Link

Bret, Hiring Expert at Emerson:
“A key to getting into a focused area is to realize there are many paths to getting there. Your first job won’t be your only job and your first organization won’t be your only organization. If you find a non-profit that aligns with your passion and your skills, regardless of its size or reputation, get involved and see where it takes you.”Ref Link

Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries:
“The first thing to do is work hard; show those around you that you are passionate about your work and also respect the work that they're doing. Talk to them- approach the people that you work with, ask what they like to do in their spare time, see if you have anything in common. Get involved- are there teams at work that you can become a part of? This is always a great way to network with and get to know your coworkers.”Ref Link

On feeling unsure:

Rachel, Hiring Expert at Eaton:
“No one will fault you for not being sure of something that you have never done before, but you do yourself a huge disservice if you let fear stop you from taking an opportunity to do something great.”Ref Link

Sylvia, Hiring Expert at HP Inc.:
“Don't worry if you feel lost the first day. The first day is traditionally dedicated to getting you system access, meeting with HR, meeting the team, and getting a broad overview of the project(s) they have lined up for you.”Ref Link 

Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health:
“In my opinion, if you begin to feel burnt out in a job and you are no longer feeling challenged or fulfilled, it may be time to start considering new opportunities. That may be within your current company or with a new company. As the saying goes, "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." While this may not be true in every job, I think it's important to keep this in the back of your mind as you move throughout your career. If you are no longer enjoying going to work every day, you may want to consider this the right time to leave your job.”Ref Link

On being the best you:

Eddie, Hiring Expert at Quest Diagnostics:
“See the positive in EVERYTHING. For example, concentrate on the skills that you enjoy using and building. Also, concentrate on what you do well or better than everyone else. Second, set goals to either advance at your current job or move on to jobs that will provide more responsibility and compensation. Third, ask questions! If you have good working relationships with your boss or colleagues in higher positions, ask them how they succeeded. Fourth, READ. One thing that helped advance my own career was reading the stories of successful people.”Ref Link

Charlene, Hiring Expert at Gap Inc.:
“What is most important is that every day you bring your best self. Take the risk, go to the interview and be transparent if something comes up that you are not sure of. Let them know if you are unfamiliar with something, but be eager to learn. You will do a great job if you have a strong work ethic and quick learning ability.”Ref Link

Ellee, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc.:
“There is a lot of opportunity for professional self-development, whether that is reading professional development books, participating in online training courses, or joining a professional networking group. You could focus on topics related to your career goals and your development needs to help prepare you for your job or internship. If you set a goal for what you want to achieve during the year and set time aside each week dedicated to professional development, it will help you stick with your resolutions.”Ref Link

Congratulations Class of 2019! Now go make your mark on the world! 

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