Finding (And Advocating For) Your Work-Life Balance
Finding a sustainable work-life balance is important! Let our experts weigh in on establishing healthy boundaries within your workplace, wherever you’re at in the hiring process.

Part of the Search

It’s not unreasonable to want a life outside of your job. As you’re searching for a new position it’s important to pursue companies whose expectations line up with your own. Nell, Hiring Expert at Pitney Bowes says, “There are many companies who value work-life balance...Make sure to do your research on what the work-life balance is at any company you consider applying to.”Ref Link

Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc. explains, “Most highly successful companies realize that the most productive workers are those who have this balance. Their high productivity stems from their loyalty and dedication to the company, which is built through an environment that values a strong work-life balance...Of course, there may be times when conditions require you to work long hours occasionally, but this should be the exception versus the rule.  You will find that this is the case in most successful organizations.”Ref Link

When it comes to finding companies that may be a good fit in this area, Steve goes on to say, “I recommend going to the web site and reading through the reviews that employees provide on companies. This can give you a good idea of what companies truly value a good balance.”

While You Are Interviewing

John, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc. suggests taking your research a step further by bringing up job expectations in your interview. “When you’re applying online to positions, be sure to review what’s listed in the job descriptions. That’s a great way for you to understand the demands of each particular role and when you’re interviewing take the opportunity to ask, ‘What does a typical work week look like?’ It will give you an idea of what to expect.”Ref Link

If the expectations of a job go beyond what you’re comfortable with, let the hiring manager know as soon as possible so that you’re respecting their time as well. There’s a possibility that they could amend the expectations, but if not they need to move on looking elsewhere to fill the position. 

On The Job

Once you’re in your new role it’s all too easy to let your work-life balance slide. Emily, Hiring Expert at Fifth Third Bank points out, “Being new in your career, you probably want to demonstrate your work ethic and are eager to move up internally, but that shouldn’t happen at the expense of your mental or physical health.”Ref Link

You are your best advocate according to Courtney, Hiring Expert at ADP. She says, “I would get with your manager and/or HR to gain a clear explanation of what is expected of you (hours, making yourself accessible, etc) in this role. If you are comfortable with those expectations, then it is up to you to balance work and life...What I mean, is that if you start regularly answering emails late at night, or always say yes when asked to work beyond normal hours, then you are allowing an employer to take advantage of your willingness to go above and beyond.”Ref Link

Being consistent and keeping communication open with your supervisor will go a long way towards building the balance needed to keep you sustainable and healthy while you pursue your career. It’s worth the effort (and the wait) to find a company where you can thrive.

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