Getting A Job Without Experience
Struggling to break into a new career with little or no experience? You’re not alone! The reality is that everyone has to start somewhere. Whether you’re looking for your first internship or you’re looking to change careers, our experts have advice on how to position yourself while you get your foot in the door.

If You’re Still In School

Lisa, Hiring Expert at VF Corporation, suggests, “Showcase the classes you've taken or the projects in school you've worked on. Often times those experiences are very relatable to jobs you are applying to. Take the time to highlight your leadership skills, teamwork, engagement on campus, and other activities that highlight your soft skills.”  More from Lisa

Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, shares, “Since you are so early in your career, any experience is good experience at this point. If you held a part-time job while in school, showcase that because it will demonstrate your work ethic. In addition, I would recommend highlighting any coursework or project experience that relates to your major and/or the position you are applying to. Case competitions are a great resume builder as well. Lastly, highlight your extra-curricular experience and leadership experience. Employers like to see well-rounded experience and involvement, so anything helps.”  More from Ashley

If You’re Transitioning To A New Career

Roohi, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., offers, “I recommend that you highlight what you’re interested in or where you want your career to go at the top of your resume. This will help a potential employer know that although you have a history of experience in one field, you are looking to move in a different direction. Aside from all the specialized skills you've obtained for the current role you're in, you’ve gained a ton of transferable skills too. It would be good to highlight these on your resume as well. Both of these tweaks will help your resume show your experience as well-rounded. Anything you'd like a recruiter or hiring manager to know is good to add to your resume.”  More from Roohi

Xavier, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, says, “Take some time to think about similarities between the necessary skills for your current role and the roles that you want to pursue. Many career paths have similar skill sets that are transferable, such as problem-solving. Practice articulating how your previous experience can bring value to a new role. This will be important as you alleviate any perceived risk to choosing you as a candidate in the interview process. When you are applying to new roles it may be beneficial to include a cover letter that's specific to the role you are applying for. Your cover letter will explain why you are pursuing the role and how you could be a great addition to the team.”  More from Xavier

Go Above And Beyond

Xavier, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, shares, “It can be frustrating pursuing opportunities without experience. Many want to make a career shift but it can seem as if it's nearly impossible once you’ve spent years gaining experience in another field. I would seek paid internship opportunities if possible. If that isn't an option, there may be opportunities within your current organization that will allow you to gain experience. Attending networking events can also be beneficial to help you connect with someone in your desired field and seek an opportunity to shadow them in their role. Going the extra mile to gain more insight into your desired field can help you stand out during the job-seeking process.”  More from Xavier
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