The Most Impressive Questions You Can Ask As A Candidate
Job candidates spend a great deal of time preparing to answer questions in their interviews, but have you thought about preparing questions to ask your interviewer? Read on to hear our hiring experts weigh in on the most impressive questions they’ve been asked by a job candidate. 

Brittany, Hiring Expert at ManpowerGroup, shares, “As a recruiter, I receive a wide variety of questions, but a few stood out. Here are my top four: 

  1. What is the one accomplishment you’d like to see from me in the first 90 days?
    Most interviewees ask questions like, ‘What does an average day look like in this role?’ Instead, ask questions like the one above that will reveal what the company is looking for in a top-notch employee. By asking this question, you show that you care about the needs of the company and that you are willing to put some thought into the day-to-day tasks of the job. It also shows that you are vision-oriented. Show you're a go-getter by having an answer prepared as to how you will tackle your first 30-60-90 days in the position.

  2. When you hire someone for this position, what will be the most pressing challenge they’ll face on the first day?
    This question gets into the nitty-gritty of what your job will be like in the first week. It goes beyond the typical human resources challenges and into the particulars of the job itself. Make sure your interviewer understands that you really care about the details of the job and not just the onboarding process.

  3. What are your expectations for this position 6 months from now? 2 years?
    You want to know what the hiring manager's expectations are for your position, both in the short term and the long term. If the plan is to discontinue the position down the road, then you should know the job is a temporary position for you. You'll also want to know if advancement is possible. Otherwise, you'll be interviewing again in a few weeks or a couple of years. Wouldn't you like to know that before you take the job?

  4. What kind of career coaching do you provide for employees?
    Present this question in terms of how it will benefit the company. To succeed in today’s workforce, you need to continue learning and growing your skills. Successful companies recognize that they also play a part in building successful careers, which benefits them in the long run. Start a career conversation with your potential boss in the job interview by letting them know that you understand your success translates into their success.”  More from Brittany

Know Your Audience

Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, says, “The most impressive questions I have received are the ones that I can tell the candidate put a lot of thought into. As a recruiter, I often receive very generic questions. I'd rather speak to a candidate that has 2-3 generic questions than none at all, but I appreciate questions that tie back to the conversation we’ve had to show that the candidate was really listening to what I said. I also appreciate questions that show a genuine interest in the company and show their long-term commitment - such as asking about my career path so they can gain an understanding of the career projection and long-term growth for an employee.

“When asking questions during an interview, it is also important to keep in mind who you are speaking to. I have received questions from candidates that I am unable to answer as a recruiter because they are very specific to the job or to other information I don’t have access to in my role. It's okay to ask a question that someone cannot answer, but don't continue to ask similar questions if the interviewer tells you they are unable to answer.”  More from Ashley

Make It Personal

Sylvia, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., says, “Craft questions around what's important to you. Some people like to have flexibility in hours or work locations, if that’s you, ask questions that explore that dynamic in the company. Others may want to know the team dynamics, if employees volunteer together, have social events, or if the office mates spend time together outside of work. Also, it's good to know the career path of the person you are interviewing, it will show the trends of career growth inside the company. This will also allow you to understand the manger/colleagues on a personal level to know if they are the right fit for you! Remember you are also assessing them as much as they are assessing you.  More from Sylvia

As always, preparing for an interview is key! Having well thought out questions prepared for your interviewer shows your investment in the role, the company, and your future. 
Happy job hunting!
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