Clean Up Your Resume This Spring!
As we head into spring, don’t forget to update your resume while you’re spring cleaning! Your resume should be a flexible, living document that grows with you. Let’s get some advice from our hiring experts for resumes that set you apart from the competition. 

Linda, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., shares, “It's important to remember that your resume is a document that markets you to companies. It’s not an employment application. I find the best resumes are the ones that tell someone more about your accomplishments and not just a list of your skills and job duties. Your accomplishments reflect the work behaviors that you bring to each job. Think about quantifying your accomplishments to allow people to easily see what you’re capable of. Quantifying can be time and money saved on the job by your actions.”  More from Linda

Getting Started

Roohi, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., says, “If you are creating your resume from scratch, it may be good to use a site that will put together a general format for you to get your job history organized. You can then personalize it and adjust it as you see fit. Remember to include any information about yourself that you would like a recruiter or hiring manager to know. Let's say, for example, that your background is in Finance but now you'd like to switch gears and move into a marketing role. Put a one-liner at the top or a brief summary so that the person reviewing your resume knows why you applied for the role.”  More from Roohi


Elliana, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., suggests, “Resumes can be constructed in a multitude of ways.  The right format for you depends on the job you’re looking for. If you are looking at entry-level roles, I would put your education at the top. Especially if the role requires a specific sort of education, I would put your education first so that recruiters can see that you’re qualified. If it is a higher-level role, then I would start with your experience that is relevant to the role you are applying to. It’s perfectly okay to have multiple versions of a resume! Different jobs have different requirements, so tailoring your resume to what best suits the role is a good step as well.”  More from Elliana

Custom Tailored

Michael, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, says, “I always encourage applicants to tailor their resume to the position they are applying for. Some of your past roles are likely more directly related or have more transferable skills than other positions you’ve held. I recommend placing those roles in a "Related Experience" section, close to the top. Build out these positions with details of what you accomplished, or skills you developed. You could also create an "Additional Experience" section which goes closer to the bottom of the resume that states the job title, employer, and date ranges for those positions less relevant to the role you’re applying for. During an interview, you may be asked to walk the interviewer through your resume, you could expand upon your experiences in the "Additional Experience" section at that time.”  More from Michael

Add Accomplishments

Linda, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., shares, “I would encourage you to add personal accomplishments to your resume, especially if they represent a skill or interest that you excel in. When looking at resumes, accomplishments and outcomes of behaviors are highly effective in securing an interview. Adding experience that you were not paid to do is highly recommended when creating your resume. These experiences are more than likely a passion that you have.”  More from Linda

A killer resume can create a fantastic first impression! We recommend having a mentor or friend look over your resume with you to highlight any opportunities for improvement. If you need help building your resume from scratch, check out our resume builder! It’s a great first step on your path to happily hired.  
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