Our Hiring Experts Share The Best Advice They Ever Received
Sometimes, getting the right piece of advice can change your whole career for the better. We asked some of our hiring experts to share the best piece of advice they received when they were just starting out as new job-seekers. Read on to hear what made a difference for them!

Make It Practical

Peggy, Hiring Expert at Emerson, says, “The best piece of advice I received was to do an internship in my chosen career field, whether it be paid or unpaid. If I couldn't do that, then to volunteer in that area.  This allowed me to apply the theoretical knowledge I learned in a practical application.”  More from Peggy

Never Settle

Ashley, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., shares, “The best piece of career advice I received when I was just starting out was: Do not settle. Find a job that you are excited and passionate about, and be open to change...Finding the right job is hard work, but your happiness and satisfaction levels will affect your overall productivity levels, which in turn will affect whether you are successful in your position. Since you are just starting out, do not limit yourself to the endless opportunities that surround you by only considering one area of the U.S. There could a great job in another area that you never considered. Flexibility widens your ability to find the right career path and provides you the ability to grow as an individual.”  More from Ashley

Know Your Worth

Maya, Hiring Expert at Verizon, offers, “One of the best pieces of career advice I received was from one of my college professors. His advice was to be willing to negotiate your salary, instead of immediately accepting the first offer you receive. The rate you receive at your first job will often impact your future salary for subsequent jobs throughout your career. Preparation for negotiation begins before you even interview for a position. Research the company, industry, and position, and determine the market value salary range for the job of interest. This way, when the company asks you what your expected salary is, you will be prepared with a researched salary range to provide the recruiter or hiring manager. Be sure to consider the entire compensation package, including bonuses, commissions, health benefits, 401(K), perks, etc.”  More from Maya

Join In

Nicole, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., suggests, "Ask peers and your management team if you can join their meetings when you first start a new role even if you are not a part of that project. It will allow you to see how others interact, shows you are taking initiative in understanding how the team works, and you never know, you may end up helping the project."  More from Nicole

Share Your Story

Sara, Hiring Expert at American Express, says, “The best piece of career advice I received was to know and be able to tell my story. It's not an easy thing to talk about yourself, your goals, and your accomplishments in a natural way, so it's good to practice since it's usually the very first thing an interviewer will ask you about.

“The other best advice was to be myself. You can't fake your personality in your job day to day, so show them who you are upfront because that's who they want to work with!”  More from Sara

Great advice can have an amazing impact! Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors or mentors for specific advice on obstacles you face in your first job. They’ve been there and more than likely they’d love to share their wisdom and experience.
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