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How to #GetThatInternship

January 26, 2018

The spring semester is newly in session and you haven’t landed an internship yet. No need to stress! Thanks to the advice from our experts, we’ve mapped out how you can get #GetThatInternship.


Pump Up Your Resume


As a college student, you may not have a lot of work experience to put on your resume quite yet, but do not underestimate your qualifications for the internship position you desire. Experience can come in varying forms. Mention clubs, sports, and volunteer opportunities you were involved in. Have you have a leadership position within an organization at your school? If so, mention it! Ashley, Hiring Expert from Cardinal Health, suggests that you “tailor your resume to the specific position you are applying to. Think outside the box and try to tie your previous work experience or coursework into the job duties of the position.”1 Remember, classes that you have taken can be woven into “experience” if you frame it correctly.


On top of adding experience and tailoring your resume for the position, be sure to triple check for spelling and grammatical errors during your resume makeover. Spell-check cannot be solely trusted. Ask a friend to proofread it as well. Your resume is often your first impression when applying to certain internship positions, so make it shine!


Use You School’s Resources


“The best thing to do to find internships is to work with the Career Placement office at your school,” says Steve from Caterpillar. “They work directly with companies and will post opportunities as they come available. It is also important for you to participate in activities when companies come on campus. This could be career fairs, information nights, etc.”2 Your school’s career center may also offer workshops to help you improve your resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. Your school is stuffed with resources to help you get a great internship. Take full advantage of your tuition and utilize them!




The right connection can make all the difference during your internship hunt. Network online and in-person to uncover potential internship opportunities. Rachel, Hiring Expert from ADP, recommends that you “utilize sites like LinkedIn to discover open opportunities and communicate with recruiters. But, be sure to have your LinkedIn profile organized and up to date so that it is clear to your employers what your career objectives are and what you can offer their company.”3 is another helpful resource to connect you with professional networking groups within your area. If a professional group that you’ve joined online is hosting an event, attend it! The event will give you a unique insight into the industry you are interested in and the opportunity to shake hands with just the people who can offer or connect you with an internship.


Most importantly, stay positive throughout the internship position search. The right opportunity is just around the corner. Putting effort into the search process and showing recruiters your enthusiasm for the position will land you the internship you want.

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