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The Benefits of Personality Tests in the Workplace

November 3, 2017

There are numerous personality evaluations you can take, and while we aren’t going to go into the details of each one or make an overall recommendation, there are commonalities between them all that can benefit your professional and personal life. 


It is becoming more and more common for employers to have their employees complete some type of personality assessment. Dean, a hiring expert from ADM, explains that “Many companies do have interns and new hires complete such assessments for team building as well as individual awareness. It is always helpful to understand your personality and how you interact with other personalities on a team.” 1 People are inherently different from each other, and understanding those differences can lead to better collaboration and more success.


We mentioned earlier that there are many different tests you can take that will evaluate aspects of your personality. Some may assess only your work or communication style, while others may be more comprehensive. It is important that it is a legitimate test and not a simple Facebook or BuzzFeed quiz. Mike, a hiring expert from Avery Dennison, says “if it is a well-created assessment that has been validated against a job where personality might play a role in the individual's overall performance, it could be a useful tool.  It might help shed some light on areas you could improve for the future.” 2 Some of the most popular (and valid) tests are:



Strengths Finder

DISC Personality Test

True Colors

The Enneagram


These assessments are great for learning how to better collaborate with others, but they can also be extremely beneficial for your own professional and personal development. Self-awareness is an important trait for everyone to have, and these tests can provide you with some insights on your skills, motivations, and communication styles. Lori, a hiring expert from Cigna, illustrates how personality assessments can help you in your day-to-day work: “You may be stressed or frustrated throughout the course of your day and by understanding your personality type, it opens you up to see what the root cause of your stress is, which in turn, can help you fix it.” 3


If everyone you worked with was exactly the same as you, your workplace would lose so much valuable diversity! The differences that provide so many unique perspectives and voices can also present a challenge if you don’t put in the time to understand them. By learning more about yourself and your coworkers, you can find ways to communicate more effectively and ultimately find more success in your career.



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