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Asked by Luisa on July 20, 2017

I have just been completely and successfully discharged from Ch 13 Bankruptcy and have fully satisfied all that was required under the plan. My filing bankruptcy was such a painful experience for me and my family but it was all I could do to maintain a home for my children after going through two dramatic and long unemployment periods after the 2009 Financial Crisis. I have relocated and am searching for a job in Financial Services. How can I address my bankruptcy? And how will it reflect or prevent me from ever being able to find work in the profession that I love?

Grace, Avery Dennison have responded.

That sounds horrible. I would be honest about the fact that the 2009 financial crisis impacted you greatly. Address your bankruptcy head on and let potential employers know that you are excited about how you…

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Asked by Steve on September 4, 2017

When I was 22, I became a convicted felon over some pretty serious and hurtful choices I made in life. I ended up being incarcerated until the age of 33; I am 36 now. Since my release, I have worked hard to move forward with my life and make positive decisions for myself and others – I’ve stayed crime-free, I have gotten an Associate’s Degree, and I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree currently. I was also fortunate to find an entry level job; one which I was able to get promoted several times due to my hard-work and dedication. However, the company I worked for was bought by a much larger company that doesn’t allow felons to work in any higher sort of capacity, so basically I am stuck where I am at and don’t have any future prospects for job growth. So, I find myself looking at the possibility of finding other employment: My questions are as follows:1.Is there anything that I can do to mitigate my criminal past somewhat when it comes to future employment? 2.Are there any fields or companies who may be willing to look past my bad choices and give me a chance?Thanks for your response!

Eaton, ADM have responded.

First off good for you for changing your life around and focusing on being the person now, that your younger self needed then. Hopefully you can be an example to other young people who are facing challenges…

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Asked by Adam on November 20, 2018

Do insurance companies and banks offer jobs to people with simple misdemeanors (like traffic tickets) during the pre-employment screening and background check?

Daikin Applied, Avery Dennison have responded.

It will depend on the company and the job.  Typically if working for a financial institution they may perform a credit check depending on the level of your role.  If you have simple driving offenses…

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Asked by mieka on September 14, 2018

I was charged with driving without a license and had charges dropped for obstructing an officer 5 years ago. Both were misdemeanors. I am now trying to get into a medical program and I am nervous because of these charges! I have asked my advisor and she said I should be fine because that’s not what they look for. Is this accurate? Any advice on how I can check this?

AT&T, Avery Dennison have responded.

Hi there - the only people who can answer what will be reviewed in a Background Check are the people who are running and reviewing the check.  If you do not feel comfortable inquiring about it directly,…

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Asked by Kelcie on April 20, 2017

I transferred universities a couple times over the course of my college career, and I'm wondering if I should include those two previous schools on my resume? I had a really hard time figuring out what I wanted when I got to college, and I'm worried employers will see it on my resume and think I'm flaky or unprofessional (even though I eventually ended up at a school I really love).  Would I get in trouble for not having those others listed? 

Cigna, Worthington, AT&T, ManpowerGroup have responded.

We see many candidates who have attended multiple schools over the course of their academic journey, so don't be overly concerned about this. While companies may have different preferences, I would recommend…

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