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Asked by Second on May 20, 2018

While I'm in college, does it help my resume if I work part-time, and if so what kinds of part-time jobs should I be looking for?

Worthington, Textron have responded.

I always think it's awesome to see someone who is a student and who also has made time to work. I think any kind of part-time jobs would show you have a strong work ethic and the ability to multitask and prioritize.…

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Asked by J.M. on May 16, 2018

My son is a senior in high school, and some of his friends are talking about attending our community college because it provides a direct pipeline into jobs his friends say pay pretty well. How can I convince him to go to a four year college? What's the best advice I can give him. I'm pretty worried about this.

Tenneco, VFC have responded.

Good Morning!
You have quite the dilemma. We all like to focus on the now, especially when it comes money. A good education is an investment, something I am sure you have told your son.
I would…

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Asked by Sandy on May 11, 2018

What does a typical performance review entail for entry-level positions? Are these common at this level in large companies, and if so how often do they occur? Should I be trying to build support among my colleagues for a good review, or will it just be between me and my boss?

DuPont, Textron have responded.

Most large companies conduct performance reviews with all employees. Typically, this entails a process of setting goals with your manager and tracking progress throughout the year. Performance programs differ…

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Asked by Tanya on March 25, 2018

How can I get my first job, even when entry level positions require experience?

Worthington, Hill-Rom, Textron have responded.

Hello! I would recommend that you try applying for internships if you are unable to find an entry level jobs. Many organizations use their internships as a pipeline for their entry level openings. I also suggest…

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Asked by Steven on April 18, 2018

How much does your college major matter when it comes to job qualification? I have a degree in mathematics, but I have been turned away by many industries just because my degree was not in "finance", "computer science", "engineering", etc. Is a math degree worthless? Are there realty any "worthless" degrees?

Grace, Textron have responded.

This is a good question, but extremely important. Your college major in some industries is very important for it is the job qualification for entry-level jobs. As an example, we are a chemical manufacture,…

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