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Asked by Karah on September 21, 2017

Employers feel that college isn't preparing students for employment. Involvement in what types of clubs/organizations/activities would indicate to them that students are ready for a real word job?

ADM, Eaton, Hill-Rom have responded.

Remember there is no absolute answer, but I would say that it is not as important what club, organization, or activity you choose, but rather what did you do while in the organization. Pick an organization…

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Asked by Abby on September 15, 2017

Does what degree you have actually matter? Or do companies mostly look at the fact that you have a degree?

Worthington, VFC, Cardinal Health have responded.

This is a good question. I would say more often than not, it does matter what kind of degree you have if you're going into a salaried type of role. Engineering, Finance, Accounting, and IT positions…

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Asked by Matthew on August 29, 2017

5 yrs after grad school, I have been climbing the latter with a promotion every year. I understand this is not the norm, but as a 29 yr old I am already sitting in a senior-level position where my role is completely handled with more room to grow. If I decide to look for other employment so I can keep learning and growing: how do you write this on a resume without sounding like I have a huge ego?

VFC, DuPont have responded.

First of all, congrats on your career growth to date!  While it's not the norm as you suggest, it is a great story that future employers will want to hear from you.  The key word in my previous statement,…

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Asked by Jake on August 7, 2017

What is a good way to get into behavior analysis?

Emerson, ADM have responded.

Volunteer and internship opportunities are usually available in the fields of child development and social welfare.  However, if you want to start in your own community, volunteer and entry level opportunities…

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Asked by Madeline on November 2, 2017

I am currently a management major at my university and debating changing to organizational leadership with a minor in management. I would like to work in the HR department of a company in the future. I have yet to pin a difference in the two majors. Will it matter what degree I hold in order to achieve a management position in a company? Thanks!

Cardinal Health, Tenneco, Emerson have responded.

Based on your question, I am going to assume that you want to be a manager working in HR. If you want to work in a management position at some point in your career, I do not think your degree will make a difference.…

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