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Asked by John on February 7, 2017

do you have guidance for business owners who closed thier business and are re-entering the workforce as employees?

Daikin Applied have responded.

Hello,  This is a great question.  We experiece this quite often in HVAC.  As a business owner going into a larger workforce, ensure you're ready to be able to take direction and not always…

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Asked by Tanya on February 7, 2017

When I research a company before an interview, what sort of information should I be looking for?

Textron have responded.

Hello! This is a great question and is an important aspect to the interview process. You want to have enough knowledge about the company to show your interest in working there but be mindful not to sound like…

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Asked by Tanya on February 2, 2017

How can I find out about salary levels in different industries?

Worthington, Merck & Co., Accenture have responded.

Hi there,
There are many resources when it comes to pay levels in various industries. One good place to look, especially if you have some companies in mind, would be Glassdoor. They provide you with company…

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Asked by Tanya on February 1, 2017

What is a normal amount of summer work experience or internships to have coming out of college?

Textron, Hersheys, Merck & Co. have responded.

Hello! It’s difficult to say what a “normal” amount of summer experience looks like since companies have different requirements for entry level full time positions. A company will typically…

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Asked by Supreeth Konanur on October 27, 2016

I recently graduated college and I have been working as a sales executive for the past 9 months. I plan to go back to school for an advanced degree in a few months. Is it okay for me to connect with my customers and colleagues on LinkedIn, even if I'll likely be looking for a different job to offset my college fees?

Worthington, Cardinal Health, Grace, ADP have responded.

Yes, it is always a good idea to link with colleagues and customers on LinkedIn even if you do not plan to remain in direct communication with them in the future. Building a network takes time, the…

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Blog post on March 2, 2015

How to Change Careers

The author wrote...

Changing careers is common for many people. Whether you’ve simply discovered you actually hate your current career path or your industry has made it impossible for you to continue being employed...

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Blog post on February 26, 2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

The author wrote...

You found the perfect job opening. It has all the elements you desire: compensation, corporate culture, and location are all in line with your dream job...

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Blog post on February 23, 2015

Coffee Fiends In The Workplace

The author wrote...

Coffee is a national pastime for millions of people in the US. From the first cup shortly after the alarm goes off in the morning, to the 3pm refuel we’re a country that loves our bitter caffeinated beverages...

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Blog post on February 20, 2015

The Balancing Act Of Vacation Time

The author wrote...

Vacation time can be a difficult subject to deal with in the workplace. Most companies have a set amount of paid time off based on various elements that designate a person’s ‘right’ to more or less vacation...

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Blog post on February 17, 2015

How To Work With People You Genuinely Dislike

The author wrote...

The workspace can be a place of inspiration and joy, filled with people who you deeply appreciate. Your office can also be a drudgery littered with various individuals who you’d rather not see twice let alone every day...

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