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Asked by Arisha on November 25, 2018

Hi! I am a senior in college and I had an internship this semester. I've learned a lot from this internship but I do not want to continue working here next semester. How do I find an internship in the same field (health care) in order to gain more experience? And what is a respectful way to stay in touch with my current internship employer as I look for opportunities at other companies as they could be a good reference for me?

Worthington, Cardinal Health, ADP have responded.

Hello! It's great to seek experience with different organizations as you make your way through school. While you've learned a lot where you are at, it's OK to want to explore other options. I would start applying…

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Asked by Amelia on November 10, 2018

I've been living overseas, teaching English. My education background is social science. Before moving abroad, I taught as an adjunct instructor for a college. I've worked as a research assistant. In total, I have 10 years in education, with more than half spent in East Asia. I'd love advice and suggestions on how to make a career change. Specifically, which industries are open to my background?

ADP have responded.

Hi there! I would recommend first figuring out what you love and what you dislike in a job and going from there. Through you 10 years in education you've developed a lot of soft, transferable skills that I'm…

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Asked by sara on January 2, 2018

Good morning, I would like to ask about public health majors, is it preferable to have a medical background?

Grace, Cardinal Health have responded.

In my experience, most students majoring in Public Health are interested in medical, research, or some other field of science . These people aspire to work for the major hospitals or health-related…

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Asked by andy on April 3, 2018

I started working after my final exams, but my university held my degree because of my low GPA. I have been working for about a year now, and I don't know how tell my employer that I basically didn't yet graduate. The University is asking me to comeback for a semester and do some extra credits to raise my GPA. Should I resign from my job? Or should I tell my employer and then resign so I can go back and receive my degree?

Cardinal Health, Avery Dennison have responded.

I think honesty is always the best policy in situations like this. My first question would be, did your employer verify your education when they hired you? If you falsely provided a degree to your employer…

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Asked by Kristin on October 7, 2018

As a junior in college, what is the most important aspect of planning my career that I can start implementing now?

Quest, Cardinal Health have responded.

Such a great question. The most important aspect, to me, is putting together a winning resume. Get guidance from your campus career center to do that. I know you asked for the "most important," but let's look…

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