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Asked by Nathalie on April 9, 2018

I have had two internships already (both 3 months, one in the spring & one in the summer) and was wondering how many internships is too much? Is it bad to have 3 internships all lasting 3 months? I also currently work as a waitress too & that is a position I have had for over a year.

Textron have responded.

Congratulations on all of your internships! In my opinion, I don't think during college you can have "too many" internships. I would definitely make sure you designate on your resume that it is an internship…

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Asked by Nathalie on April 6, 2018

I'm currently applying to find either an internship or job for the summer and I was wondering how long I can wait to accept a position after an offer. I've already applied to some places and scheduled/had interviews but was wondering just how long I can wait considering I haven't applied to all of the positions that I am interested in. Is two weeks too long? What is an acceptable time?

AT&T, Textron have responded.

You are smart to put so much effort into your future!  An internship can be the perfect foot in the door a great company.  Typically if an offer is made to you, the recruiter or hiring manager delivering…

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Asked by Erica on March 21, 2018

I have a degree in communications (media studies) and wasn't advised to do an internship. Now I have a degree and can't get a job. How do I change that?

Quest have responded.

Hi there! As a fellow mass comm degree recipient, let me start by telling you that your story is not unique. The first thing I would suggest is to get away from the word "can't." Mass comm is an extremely competitive…

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Asked by Tanya on March 13, 2018

How involved are parents typically in the job search process? Will it hurt my chances of getting hired if a recruiter sees that my parents are very involved in helping me get a job?

AT&T have responded.

Hi there!  I'm sure your parents are very excited for you to get a job!

Here's the thing though, they are not going to go to that interview with you, they are not coming to work with you, they…

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Asked by cassandra on March 5, 2018

Are one-year internships required for every bachelors degree, or does this depend on the school? Aside from internships, what are other ways to gain practical experience in my field?

ADM, Textron have responded.

There are many internships that are offered during the summer break and some are offered during the school year part time.  We do not require new college hires to have had an internship. …

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