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Asked by Cade on May 1, 2019

What experience should I include for my first college internship if I haven't had any experience in this new field?

Daikin Applied, VFC, Cardinal Health, Worthington have responded.

I would included any work experience, there are transferable skills from many roles.  If you have taken classes in the area include them on your resume as well.  

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Asked by Brittany on March 1, 2019

What should I do if I keep getting denied for internships?

Avery Dennison, Cardinal Health, Worthington have responded.

Being denied for an internship is tough and if it continues to happen don't despair, there are a few things you can do.  If your college has career services, reach to them and ask them to review your resume…

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Asked by Nathalie on April 6, 2018

I'm a college student who has been looking for either a paid summer internship or job. I interviewed for this internship and they list their payment as a stipend. She made a point to mention that in the interview. What is a stipend? How is that different from wages? This internship is done remotely so I was just confused on how they work, b/c it's not like I'd need to cover travel expenses.

Textron, Emerson, Avery Dennison have responded.

A stipend is a fixed regular sum that they will pay you for the work that you will be completing. It's hard to speak to your situation without having all of the information in front of me, but the difference…

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Asked by Alex on January 4, 2019

I am a college senior with an internship that I really enjoy. How do I tell my office that I'm interested in being hired on after graduation? Also, how do I talk to them about transitioning from intern pay to a decent full-time pay? Thanks for the help!

DuPont, Textron, Emerson have responded.

First, it is great that you found an internship that you enjoy so much. That is very important in the job search after graduation. Not only do you get real-world experience, but you are learning what type of…

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Asked by Arisha on November 25, 2018

Hi! I am a senior in college and I had an internship this semester. I've learned a lot from this internship but I do not want to continue working here next semester. How do I find an internship in the same field (health care) in order to gain more experience? And what is a respectful way to stay in touch with my current internship employer as I look for opportunities at other companies as they could be a good reference for me?

Worthington, Cardinal Health, ADP have responded.

Hello! It's great to seek experience with different organizations as you make your way through school. While you've learned a lot where you are at, it's OK to want to explore other options. I would start applying…

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