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Asked by Roh on April 6, 2018

Because of health reasons that I've dealt with for the majority of my college career, I unfortunately still haven't gotten to do an internship, but would love to. For which I have two questions: 1) What can I do that can help me get an internship? And 2) what skills, experiences, and accomplishments can I acquire or are recommended that can make me stand out against others who have had an internship experience already? Any information would seriously be appreciated!

DuPont, Tenneco have responded.

I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. Hopefully you feel well now.
My biggest recommendation is to attend career fairs. Companies tend to recruit co-ops and interns directly from these events.…

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Asked by Kelcie on May 22, 2018

Should I list all of my internship experience even if it is not directly related to the position for which I am applying?

Worthington, DuPont, Textron have responded.

I think it's valuable to list all of your work history (up to 10 years). Any internships will show that you are willing to work and take on tasks and learn new skillsets outside of your direct function.…

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Asked by J.M. on June 3, 2018

During college I spent most of my summers taking extra courses and conducting field research either individually or with a couple different professors, but it was never paid work or an internship per say.  I got course credits for it, but will my lack of formal internship experience hurt my chances of landing a job?

DuPont, Textron have responded.

Hello and great question! What I typically suggest in this case is to list that time on your resume as "Volunteer." It does help to have formal internship experience but as long as you list your field research…

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Asked by Thelma on May 19, 2018

What is an on-campus interview, and how does it differ from a regular one? Do employers view them differently or send different people to interview students? Would I have better chance of being hired on-campus?

Worthington, ADM have responded.

Hi! An on campus interview simply means that the employers are coming to you, rather than you having to go to their location. I would say that an on-campus interview would have less interviewers than what you…

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Asked by J.M. on June 5, 2018

I'm about to start an internship with company that I'd really like to go to work for after I graduate. Do you have any advice about what I might do now or over the next year while I'm back in school before graduation to try and increase my chances of being hired there?  Are there some common mistakes that interns make at this stage?

ADM, HP have responded.

Hello! The best thing you can do is be as actively engaged in your internship as possible. Ask lots of questions, learn everything you can. Jump right in and show them that you would make a great addition to…

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