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Asked by S on August 5, 2019

So I have two (2) telephone interviews followed by two (2) separate onsite interview. My job application status said interviewing through this process but less than a week after my last interview my status says we are currently reviewing all applications. I have never seen that before. Does anyone know what that really means? Thanks,

Worthington have responded.

Congratulations on being invited in for two interviews! Companies typically have slightly different terms for each phase in an interview process, so it's hard to know exactly what they mean by "reviewing all…

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Asked by rajvanti on July 28, 2019

I applied for a position with one company almost 26 days ago. The status says "in progress" but the position is no longer on their career website. What does this mean? I also applied to another company for two different positions about 30 days ago. The one application status says "under review" and the other application says "resume received". For the "under review" status, is that a good sign? How long does this process usually take?

HPE, Avery Dennison have responded.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to determine how long the hiring/application process can take at any given company. Typically speaking, if the role is no longer available on the website, it is likely they…

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Asked by Josephine on July 2, 2019

What does "in process" mean on job application after being interviewed?

Avery Dennison, Pitney Bowes have responded.

Hello! Great question - "in process" typically means that your application is still being considered for the position or that you are still in the interview process.  Even though you may have completed…

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Asked by Susan on June 8, 2019

I had an interview 2 weeks ago. The interview was more of a conversation of us getting to know each other. I sent an email thank you that night. They told me that they had a couple of other people they were meeting with after me, and then they'd then be making the decision (this week). Do I send a snail mail thank you now? I don't want to seem too eager.

HPE, Cardinal Health have responded.

Great question! If you haven't had any communications with them in a couple of weeks, absolutely reach out with a follow-up email. Nice touch on the thank you note, but this email should focus on the status…

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Asked by B on June 18, 2019

Is it ok to mention a previously scheduled vacation during an interview, or should you wait until you have been offered the position?

Cardinal Health, Avery Dennison have responded.

I think it depends on the position and if your vacation would interfere with an important time period for the role. If it comes up in conversation, I would be open and share your scheduled vacation plans. If…

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