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Asked by Kristin on October 7, 2018

When beginning to interview, what is the most important type of experience to be able to discuss when interviewing for a marketing position?

Daikin Applied have responded.

Thank you for reaching out!  When starting to interview it is important to discuss relevant experience.  In a perfect world, it would be an internship or career shadow experience.  A close second…

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Asked by Tanya on March 13, 2018

How involved are parents typically in the job search process? Will it hurt my chances of getting hired if a recruiter sees that my parents are very involved in helping me get a job?

AT&T, Pitney Bowes have responded.

Hi there!  I'm sure your parents are very excited for you to get a job!

Here's the thing though, they are not going to go to that interview with you, they are not coming to work with you, they…

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Asked by Daniela on June 15, 2018

What industries/types of companies tend to use case interviews, and what are they looking for?

VFC, Quest have responded.

Specific to types of industries/types of companies, management consulting or similar where one solves problems/advises client are likely to use case interviews.  But they could be used in almost any company…

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Asked by Amanda on June 8, 2018

When employers ask for a writing sample, what exactly are they looking for? Are there certain types of writing that would be more useful for them than others (i.e. research reports, creative writing, articles I wrote for the school newspaper)? 

VFC, HPE have responded.

There's no standard, as you suggest, good writing can take many forms.  Best thing to do is ask if the employer has a preference.  If they don't, don't necessarily provide what you think might be…

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Asked by Rae on May 17, 2018

I was just turned down for a position after being advised they had promoted internally. The director (who conducted the interview) urged me to keep an eye out for the next position (probably the recently promoted’s old position) as she sees my passion for the field and believes I would be an asset to her department. Was this just “smoke” so to speak or do you believe it was genuine?

DuPont, Quest have responded.

Hi there - I'd turn this question around and ask you, how do you feel the director's response was? If you felt it was genuine, then it probably was! From my own personal experience, I don't tell candidates…

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