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Asked by Thelma on May 19, 2018

What is an on-campus interview, and how does it differ from a regular one? Do employers view them differently or send different people to interview students? Would I have better chance of being hired on-campus?

Worthington have responded.

Hi! An on campus interview simply means that the employers are coming to you, rather than you having to go to their location. I would say that an on-campus interview would have less interviewers than what you…

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Asked by Jorge on May 10, 2018

Should I only apply to jobs that I feel I’m qualified for? Or are some employers more interested in the person rather than a perfect match on paper for the open position?

Merck & Co., VFC have responded.

Hi there - great question! My advice is to apply for positions where you meet the basic qualifications - these are typically listed in the job description. This is by far the most important thing that you can…

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Asked by Tommy on May 14, 2018

What’s the best/most impressive question you received from an interviewee during an initial interview?

ManpowerGroup, Cardinal Health have responded.

When I was a recruiter, I received a wide variety of questions. Below are the top 4: 

  1. What is the one accomplishment you’d like to see from me in the first…

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Asked by Jeff on April 18, 2018

I've been interviewing recently and have made it to the final round for several positions but have been turned down in every instance. I haven't received valuable feedback and don't want to keep doing the same thing as it seems to not be working. How can I learn what I need to change?

Grace, Textron have responded.

This is a tough question for all parties. I would candidly ask your recruiter or the person who is letting you know that you did not receive the opportunity for feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is never…

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Asked by Tanya on March 15, 2018

My first job out of college was a disaster. Eventually, they fired me. How do I address being fired from my last job in an interview situation?

AT&T, HP have responded.

Being fired is always a drag, whether you loved or hated the job, whether you knew or didn't know it was coming.  I would definitely recommend talking through the scenario of your firing with someone you…

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