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Asked by Emily on September 4, 2017

Are interviewers more concerned with technical skills or general professional skills?

Eaton, Quest, HP have responded.

The short answer is both are needed to be a truly competitive candidate.  If you are technically skilled but unable or unwilling to behave in a professional manager, you are not a candidate that is attractive…

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Asked by Melissa on September 7, 2017

Over 2 years ago when I was 6 months pregnant,I lost my job due to my entire department being eliminated. I decided to stay home for a while with my new family but ready to work now. How do I explain the absence in employment during the application process so my resume isn't immediately put in the rejection pile? I cannot even get an interview before receiving a rejection letter.

Merck & Co., VFC, HP have responded.

Hi there - I've seen this come through in several resumes at different points in my career. As a recruiter, I would add a short bullet to your resume explaining that you took time away from work to care for…

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Asked by Krysten on September 12, 2017

How are employers able to test interpersonal skills in an interview?

Cigna, Worthington, Textron have responded.

In my previous experiences, I've asked situational questions. One of my favorites is, "Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with someone at work.  How did you work to resolve it?" …

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Asked by Katherine on September 10, 2017

What are some practical things that impress an employer in an interview? i.e. firm handshake, key phrases, etc..

Merck & Co., Accenture, ADM have responded.

For me, one of the best things that a candidate can do in an interview is to answer the interviewer's questions clearly, concisely, and by providing solid examples. I am always impressed when a candidate can…

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Asked by Jiancheng on January 21, 2018

I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in computer science last August 2017. I've had hard time finding an entry level jobs, so I decided to learn more. I learned MEAN stack and AWS on my own. However, I still can not get a call back for any entry/junior level position. Any suggestions on what I could do differently to get some call backs?

Tenneco have responded.

There are a couple things that may be happening.  Typically job descriptions will separate the expectations of the role into two categories, the must haves (required qualifications)…

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