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Asked by Rae on May 17, 2018

I was just turned down for a position after being advised they had promoted internally. The director (who conducted the interview) urged me to keep an eye out for the next position (probably the recently promoted’s old position) as she sees my passion for the field and believes I would be an asset to her department. Was this just “smoke” so to speak or do you believe it was genuine?

DuPont, Quest have responded.

Hi there - I'd turn this question around and ask you, how do you feel the director's response was? If you felt it was genuine, then it probably was! From my own personal experience, I don't tell candidates…

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Asked by Adriana on June 20, 2018

How many letters of recommendation should one normally submit?

DuPont, Textron, AT&T have responded.

Hello! Larger companies are moving away from checking references for various reasons. With that being said, I think a letter of recommendation is a good idea. It gives the recruiter and/or hiring manager…

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Asked by Kelcie on May 30, 2018

How do second or third round interviews generally differ from first round interviews? Will I meet with more senior-level people or be asked different types of questions, or should I just expect more of the same?

DuPont, ADP have responded.

This may vary from organization to organization and may also vary between hiring groups with a particular organization. Typically I see second or third interviews as more of a meet-and-greet with other members…

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Asked by Maura on June 23, 2018

Is it appropriate to refer to hiring staff and/or a person with a more senior position by their first name if that is how they sign emails?

AT&T, Cardinal Health have responded.

Well now, that's just a question for Emily Post (manners maven, look it up if you're interested in all things etiquette).  During the hiring process, it is appropriate to use Mr./Ms. when speaking to someone…

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Asked by Thelma on May 19, 2018

What is an on-campus interview, and how does it differ from a regular one? Do employers view them differently or send different people to interview students? Would I have better chance of being hired on-campus?

Worthington, ADM have responded.

Hi! An on campus interview simply means that the employers are coming to you, rather than you having to go to their location. I would say that an on-campus interview would have less interviewers than what you…

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