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Asked by Kelcie on May 22, 2018

Should I list all of my internship experience even if it is not directly related to the position for which I am applying?

Worthington, DuPont have responded.

I think it's valuable to list all of your work history (up to 10 years). Any internships will show that you are willing to work and take on tasks and learn new skillsets outside of your direct function.…

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Asked by J.M. on May 23, 2018

I'm the Treasurer of my fraternity. Would that look good on my resume? Not sure if putting a fraternity on a resume is a smart thing. The only reason I'm considering it is because it might show leadership, but obviously it's still a frat house. What would you think if you saw that on a resume?

Textron, Cardinal Health have responded.

Interesting question! Although Greek life has been scrutinized in the news and social media lately, including it on your resume still displays your leadership experiences and potential. Being involved in a…

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Asked by Marley on May 17, 2018

What exactly is the point of career fair? Should I expect to find a job by attending one or is it just to learn about companies? How would you advise me to prepare for a career fair at my school?

Textron, Tenneco have responded.

Thanks for asking! Career fairs are one of the easiest way for companies to meet potential employees. Your preparation will depend on what exactly you are looking for/what year in school you are in. You shouldn’t…

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Asked by Jeff on April 18, 2018

I've been interviewing recently and have made it to the final round for several positions but have been turned down in every instance. I haven't received valuable feedback and don't want to keep doing the same thing as it seems to not be working. How can I learn what I need to change?

Grace, Textron have responded.

This is a tough question for all parties. I would candidly ask your recruiter or the person who is letting you know that you did not receive the opportunity for feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is never…

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Asked by Tanya on March 15, 2018

My first job out of college was a disaster. Eventually, they fired me. How do I address being fired from my last job in an interview situation?

AT&T, HP have responded.

Being fired is always a drag, whether you loved or hated the job, whether you knew or didn't know it was coming.  I would definitely recommend talking through the scenario of your firing with someone you…

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