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Asked by Russ on November 26, 2017

I have been a police officer for almost 6 years with two different departments, my first department was basically a foot in the door into the profession and "settled down" at my current department. With the recent birth of my son and the on-going politics of law enforcement, I am not as happy with this career as I once was. Not to mention, I can't bear the idea of something happening to me in the line of duty and not coming home to my wife and son. I have no college and did some IT work after high school, but it's been mostly random jobs and 6 years of law enforcement. If I were to leave for another field, what would my options be? I can't support my family on a low salary. Thank you for your time.

Gap Inc., Tenneco, Grace have responded.

Thank you for serving as a police officer and putting yourself out there everyday!  The job you are currently in has so many different facets to it that could translate into other careers.  The…

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Asked by Dominique on December 31, 2017

I am currently taking general education courses and will be transferring to a university next fall. My plan is to work for my company's IT dept. After I obtain my Bachelors degree and a few certifications I plan to start off as a Computer Support Specialist. Then, hopefully, move over to being a System Analyst or Computer System Administrator once I have my degree. I am not sure whether to major in Information Systems or Information Technology with a concentration in business. Can you provide me which would likely benefit me on my job hunt the most?

Grace have responded.

It sounds like you have a wonderful plan and honestly could not go wrong with either choice. My first recommendation would be Information Technology with a concentration in business for this is more broad and…

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Asked by Madison on October 2, 2017

What are some tips you would recommend to recent college graduates when job hunting?

Hill-Rom, Accenture, Cardinal Health have responded.

Great question! Job searching can be a very exciting as well as stressful time whether it being your very first job or finding a new opportunity. I would start by making sure that your resume is concise and…

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Asked by Kaylie on September 13, 2017

Instead of focusing on educational/occupational background, what personal traits do employers look for in the "perfect candidate?"

Cigna, Textron, Quest have responded.

I think there are two traits that are always highly desired.  The first is a positive attitude. Having that "can-do" perspective on things builds your personal brand as someone who has skin…

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Asked by Matthew on August 29, 2017

5 yrs after grad school, I have been climbing the latter with a promotion every year. I understand this is not the norm, but as a 29 yr old I am already sitting in a senior-level position where my role is completely handled with more room to grow. If I decide to look for other employment so I can keep learning and growing: how do you write this on a resume without sounding like I have a huge ego?

VFC, DuPont have responded.

First of all, congrats on your career growth to date!  While it's not the norm as you suggest, it is a great story that future employers will want to hear from you.  The key word in my previous statement,…

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