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Asked by Arisha on November 25, 2018

Hi! I am a senior in college and I had an internship this semester. I've learned a lot from this internship but I do not want to continue working here next semester. How do I find an internship in the same field (health care) in order to gain more experience? And what is a respectful way to stay in touch with my current internship employer as I look for opportunities at other companies as they could be a good reference for me?

Worthington, Cardinal Health, ADP have responded.

Hello! It's great to seek experience with different organizations as you make your way through school. While you've learned a lot where you are at, it's OK to want to explore other options. I would start applying…

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Asked by Duo on September 12, 2018

I'm a college freshman, and I'm eager to have an intern in summer 2019. I can do anything, be anywhere, as long as a company accepts me. I've visited my career center, went to every career fair, and have applied accordingly. Still, I don't think I have a decent chance of getting an internship. What is the best way for me to earn an internship?

Quest, Worthington, Cardinal Health, ADP have responded.

It's great that you're eager, however, don't let "stinkin' thinkin'" get you down! You're early in your college career, so just breathe. To land an internship, you have a few avenues. First, continue to visit…

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Asked by Amelia on November 10, 2018

I've been living overseas, teaching English. My education background is social science. Before moving abroad, I taught as an adjunct instructor for a college. I've worked as a research assistant. In total, I have 10 years in education, with more than half spent in East Asia. I'd love advice and suggestions on how to make a career change. Specifically, which industries are open to my background?

ADP have responded.

Hi there! I would recommend first figuring out what you love and what you dislike in a job and going from there. Through you 10 years in education you've developed a lot of soft, transferable skills that I'm…

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Asked by Yana on November 20, 2018

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in technical management with a concentration in accounting. Although I was invited to an unpaid accounting internship at Mount Vernon recently, I decided to learn more about accounting first before pursuing this offer. I have about half a year of past work experience in marketing. Would this internship be helpful as I pursue a job in accounting in January 2020?

HPE, Textron have responded.

If the internship is aligned to the field of work you are pursuing or thinking about pursuing it’s a good idea. At the very least, it will help you decide if you don’t want to be in that field or…

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Asked by Kaitlin on November 3, 2018

I used to be a veterinary technician and before that I was in mostly administrative work. I'm looking for a part time, minimum wage job but nowhere I am applying to is calling me back. Do I appear overqualified? Also I bounced around a lot as a veterinary technician (common among many vet techs until they find the right practice) so, on paper, I'm worried it looks bad. What can I do?

Avery Dennison, Cardinal Health have responded.

Without seeing your resume it would be tough to say if your resume looks bad. What I would recommend doing is following up with the places of employment a few days after submitting your resume. Many times places…

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