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Asked by Tanya on May 4, 2018

How long should I wait after starting a job to ask for vacation time?

VFC, Cardinal Health have responded.

Best option is to ask about time off policies before taking the job.  If your potential employer is not willing to share that information before you commit, you should seriously question whether or not…

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Asked by Nathalie on April 6, 2018

I'm a college student who has been looking for either a paid summer internship or job. I interviewed for this internship and they list their payment as a stipend. She made a point to mention that in the interview. What is a stipend? How is that different from wages? This internship is done remotely so I was just confused on how they work, b/c it's not like I'd need to cover travel expenses.

Textron have responded.

A stipend is a fixed regular sum that they will pay you for the work that you will be completing. It's hard to speak to your situation without having all of the information in front of me, but the difference…

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Asked by KelliMae on September 10, 2017

Is the ability to think critically and solve problems more valuable to a potential employer than their education or work experience?

ADM, Emerson, BNYMellon have responded.

Critical thinking and problem solving are valuable skill sets to have but they are not excluded from your education and work experience. Think about times while getting your education that you had to work…

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Asked by Abdulaziz on February 16, 2018

Is there a benefit to filing vacancies through internal promotions and job transfers, even if the personnel are less qualified?

Cardinal Health have responded.

I think there is sometimes a benefit to filling a position internally, even if you may be able to find a more qualified candidate externally. However, I also think it's important that you aren't hiring internally…

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Asked by Hayley on September 11, 2017

Through my internship in college, I have felt myself getting more and more away from my declared major. How do I market myself to a future employer so that they look more towards my professional experience rather than my degree?

Hill-Rom, Quest, Textron have responded.

Great question! I want to start by saying that there are plenty of people who ended up taking a different path than what they had in mind during college so you are not alone. Starting with the application I…

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