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Asked by Krystin on March 8, 2018

How do I prepare my resume for future job opportunities in a different field of expertise when I have been employed at my current job for 11 years? 

ADM have responded.

Try to gain as much non-work related experience as possible that you can add to your resume. For example, if you want to work for a veterinarian, but you currently work in retail-- start volunteering at a pet…

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Asked by Abbi on September 9, 2017

I have applied online to dozens of internships and full time positions for which I am qualified based on the posted job descriptions, necessary skills, and preferred skills. I have yet to even earn an interview from a position I applied to online. Are jobs that are posted online typically filled by online applicants? How can I improve an online application?

Emerson, Worthington, Cardinal Health have responded.

I cannot really say much on why you are not receiving feedback or call-backs since I do not have access to your resume.  You may want to attend a resume clinic at your local unemployment department or…

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Asked by Kaylie on September 13, 2017

When reviewing resumes and employment applications of newly graduated college students, do employers value a higher GPA or a more rigorous class schedule?

VFC, Cardinal Health, ADM have responded.

I would tend to say the GPA because how would I know how rigorous your class schedule was?  Your question assumes that the employer knows more than they likely do about your chosen major and associated…

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Asked by Kristen on October 18, 2017

Does participation and/or leadership in clubs and organizations have any impact on an employer when reviewing applications and resumes? If so, how much? Is it as important as major, GPA, internship experience, work, etc.?

Worthington, DuPont, AT&T, Emerson have responded.

I would say that internships would carry the most weight; showing that you've had hands on experience within the field. GPA is also important, but not a huge determining factor. I think it is always a “plus’…

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Asked by Cameron on January 21, 2018

I attended two different undergraduate colleges, and I participated in extracurricular activities at both. On my resume, should I list those extracurricular activities by school, or can I just lump all the extracurricular's together? Thanks!

Tenneco, Worthington, Emerson have responded.

Great question.  The great thing about resumes is that they are fairly flexible.  I would recommend you have a category named "Leadership Development" or "Extra-Curricular Experience"…

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