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Asked by Cameron on January 21, 2018

On my resume, should I list my degree, then university, then GPA? What's a good arrangement for this on a resume?

Textron, Tenneco, Emerson, BNYMellon have responded.

Great question! There are numerous resume templates circling the web these days, but ultimately the decision is up to you. Typically, the education section is set up with the University first, followed by major,…

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Asked by Tanya on March 31, 2018

What would be your top five characteristics of a great resume?

Worthington, Merck & Co., AT&T have responded.

My top 5 for students would be 1. organization 2. measurable metrics 3. previous experience 4. campus involvement 5. major and GPA.  It's important to be able to quickly look at a resume…

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Asked by Tanya on April 6, 2018

How often do employers rely on keyword searches when looking at resumes? Should I pad my resume with key words at the top?

AT&T have responded.

Hi there - you are smart to think about what your resume is saying to a potential future employer.  Of course keyword searches are one of the things a savvy recruiter is going to use when sourcing talented…

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Asked by Eirene on March 22, 2018

Because video has been on the rise & a great way of storytelling, I want to try presenting my resume in a 5-min video, in which I would talk about my work experience, skills & competency... Would that be a good idea (I'm a Digital Marketer, not an Artist/Designer)? What bothers me is how to deliver so it's interesting & not a 5-min of me bragging about myself. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

Quest, DuPont have responded.

I think a video is a great idea!! If you can submit the video with a copy of your resume that would help you.  This way you don't have to talk about everything that is on you resume.  A…

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Asked by Onohije on March 7, 2018

I didn't finish college, but completed one semester. Should i include that in my resume? If so, how?

AT&T, Hill-Rom have responded.

Hi there!  With only completing one semester it is totally not necessary to list it on your applications/resume. I would, however, focus on your skills, highlighting special projects you’ve worked…

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