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Asked by Robert on September 27, 2017

Hello, Should academic and athletic accomplishments, extra curricular activities such as clubs, student government and community service be included on your college resume... starting junior year this fall? Does it speak to ones work ethic or, does it look like boasting? If you have long list how would you determine what's important to include? Thank you

Merck & Co., Accenture, HP have responded.

Hi there. You need to make sure that you are being thoughtful and strategic about what you include on your resume, as it really is the first opportunity that employers have to get to know you. I would definitely…

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Asked by Thalira on October 2, 2017

When I graduated high school I went off to pursue a degree in fashion design. A professor I had lacked enthusiasm in teaching a class that was directly related to my major. I was discouraged. I came home and attended a community college for a semester but eventually dropped out for the same issue. It has been about three years and I am jumping back on the saddle taking classes once again and it seems to be going very well this time around. In this three year span I had a job that I would rather not put on a resume/application. Other than that I do not have any other type of work experience. I want to work in the fashion industry and retail, I believe, is a great start. I was wondering if you could recommend what else I can put on my resume when it comes to work experience. I was in theater, band, and a cheerleader in high school. Should I include this on my resume? What else could I include as I don't have much work experience?

DuPont, Grace have responded.

I would say in your case, you'll want to list your work experience on your resume even though the work isn't directly related to the industry you want to get into. You'll still want to list it to show that…

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Asked by Kaylie on September 13, 2017

Instead of focusing on educational/occupational background, what personal traits do employers look for in the "perfect candidate?"

Cigna, Textron, Quest have responded.

I think there are two traits that are always highly desired.  The first is a positive attitude. Having that "can-do" perspective on things builds your personal brand as someone who has skin…

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Asked by Kaylie on September 13, 2017

When employers are reviewing resumes for a new hire, is hands-on job experience or co-curricular activities valued more?

VFC, Quest, ADM have responded.

For sure, both are valued more than your "in class" experience.  Most employers will be more interested in what you did outside of the classroom vs. in it.  We want to know how you…

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Asked by Vaish on September 6, 2017

For a Supply Chain Graduate level intern, what skill set and technical/behavioral skills do you expect on resume in order to land an interview? Also, would a supply chain professional take a look at a resume that was cold-emailed to you?

VFC have responded.

Not sure from your question if you are currently an intern or seeking an internship.  If you are seeking an internship in Supply Chain, the technical/behavioral skills you reference are not as relevant. …

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