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Asked by Maggie on October 19, 2017

Many studies show that women are less likely to ask for raises. How can I best prepare myself to effectively negotiate raises in my future career?

Merck & Co., Textron, AT&T have responded.

I would recommend going into the discussion as prepared as possible - be ready with numbers for folks that are in positions similar to yours in your area with comparable levels of experience. Be able to show…

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Asked by Jisoo on February 6, 2017

My manager tells me during my monthly meetings that my emails numbers are the best out of the team and that I have been doing a great job taking on new responsibilities. Many say that raises are only about 3%. I want to ask for more than 15% at my annual review. Would I look too much like an amateur asking more than the average raise? Of course I will list all the roles I took on and my reasons

Gap Inc., ADM, Cardinal Health have responded.

Hello! This is a great question. In today’s environment it is not uncommon for annual merit increases to be in the 3% range for many industries. There are of course many exceptions. First, annual increases…

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Asked by Maura on February 5, 2017

I need to ask for a couple 'personal' days off work. Do I need to give my supervisor specific details as to why I need to leave? I don't want to lie but I also want to remain professional.

ADM, Emerson, Cardinal Health have responded.

The best approach to base the answer to this question on your relationship with your supervisor. If you have a solid line of communication and feel comfortable enough sharing your personal business…

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Asked by Tanya on May 27, 2017

Is it ok to put 'negotiable' when asked what your desired salary is? How do you ensure you aren't selling your self too short?

Textron, ADM, Broadridge, Hill-Rom have responded.

Hi! That is a great question and one that is thought about by most job seekers. One reason that employers ask this question on an application is to determine your expectations and to understand if your expectations…

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Asked by Jay on June 2, 2017

A hiring manager is asking me compensation requirements via email. What is the best way for me to respond so I'm getting the best offer?

ManpowerGroup, Textron, Cardinal Health, ADM have responded.

First, you'll need to do your homework. It's best to give a range of what's appropriate for your experience, skillset, and what is comparable for your area. There are plenty of websites to help you gather this…

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