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Asked by Emily on May 23, 2018

I just graduated,and am in the process of job hunting. What is your advice for finding a good job,and quickly?

ADM, ADP, Textron have responded.

Attend social networking events, get involved with the community, find ribbon cutting ceremonies where business professionals will be attending.

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Asked by Joel on April 24, 2018

What jobs should I be thinking of applying to with an associate of arts degree in General Studies?

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Hi there!  Congratulations on getting your associates degree.  Education of all kinds is valuable and will help you in pursuit of your future.  When you get a general studies degree you have…

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Asked by Roh on April 6, 2018

Does it look bad to potential employers for me to be following a lot of different companies, interests, and organizations in LinkedIn? I follow many different, but they are all about things that I am personally passionate about and companies and organizations that I care about. Does this come across bad or is there good in doing this?

AT&T, Textron have responded.

Hi there!  I would consider your LinkedIn profile (and for that matter all your public social properties) to be part of your personal brand.  What does that information say about you to a potential…

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Asked by David on November 16, 2017

I'll be heading home for winter break soon; how should I take advantage of this time and work on networking while I'm home?

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Winter Breaks are a fantastic time to do groundwork for future employment opportunities, especially if you are looking to return to your hometown when searching for those roles.
A good place to start…

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Asked by Maggie on October 19, 2017

What are employers looking for in a LinkedIn summary?

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Great question. In my experience, employers are looking for a brief, high level description of your role, contributions and successes. Be sure to use universal language versus present company acronyms for clarity.…

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