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Asked by Nathalie on April 9, 2018

I have had two internships already (both 3 months, one in the spring & one in the summer) and was wondering how many internships is too much? Is it bad to have 3 internships all lasting 3 months? I also currently work as a waitress too & that is a position I have had for over a year.

Answered by Makailyn, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on April 10, 2018

Congratulations on all of your internships! In my opinion, I don't think during college you can have "too many" internships. I would definitely make sure you designate on your resume that it is an internship so that a recruiter knows the position time period is shorter due to it being an internship. As long as you designate that they are internship experiences, I think that future employers would be impressed that you have a variety of experiences to learn from and prepare you for a full-time position.

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