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Asked by Rose on July 21, 2017

I want to study the chemistry of various medicines and how they affect the chemistry of the brain. I am especially interested in mental health - the chemistry pertaining to it and medicines used to treat it. I am not great with people. Whatever I do, I plan to go to community college for 2 years before a university. Which major (and minor) should I study, and which career should I pursue?

Answered by Wendy, Hiring Expert at Pitney Bowes, on August 2, 2017

My suggestion is to consult with a college adviser.  They will put you on the right track with your classes and ultimate goals.

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Answered by Rachael, Hiring Expert at Merck & Co., Inc., on August 25, 2017

It sounds like pharmacology or toxicology could be a good major choice, maybe with a minor in psychology or public health. Pharmacologists study the effects of chemicals and drugs on the body, and that seems like it meshes well with your interests.

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