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Asked by Rae on May 17, 2018

I was just turned down for a position after being advised they had promoted internally. The director (who conducted the interview) urged me to keep an eye out for the next position (probably the recently promoted’s old position) as she sees my passion for the field and believes I would be an asset to her department. Was this just “smoke” so to speak or do you believe it was genuine?

Answered by Merron, Hiring Expert at DuPont, on June 6, 2018

Hi there - I'd turn this question around and ask you, how do you feel the director's response was? If you felt it was genuine, then it probably was! From my own personal experience, I don't tell candidates that they'd be an asset to the team unless I truly, honestly mean it. As a recruiter, we never want to get our candidates' hopes up and create false hopes.

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