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Asked by Hayley on September 11, 2017

If employers are starting to look for more experience and critical thinking, why is it becoming essential to gain a master’s degree to secure a job?

Answered by Merron, Hiring Expert at DuPont, on September 20, 2017

Great question! Definitely a hard one to answer though because this ultimately depends on your desired career path and the company that is hiring. Specialized/niche jobs may require higher education, while other fields may not. Also, while higher education may give you a leg up over recent bachelor’s degree candidates, it isn’t always essential to secure a job. If you’ve shown the required competencies in other ways such as leadership roles on campus, internship experience, and overall initiative you should be in a good place to secure an interview at minimum. Having a successful interview and showing poise/professionalism as well as the required competencies for the job are more essential to securing the job, in my opinion.

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