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Asked by Karah on September 21, 2017

In an interview for a company, is what you wear a major factor in the interview or do interviewers even look at how you dress?

Answered by Phil, Hiring Expert at Merck & Co., Inc., on September 25, 2017

Hi there - what you wear on an interview is absolutely important to the interview process. It shows that you take the interview seriously, that you have a sense of professionalism, and create a positive first impression. These impressions are formed very quickly based on what you're wearing and how you carry yourself. While different industries may have differing cultures surrounding "professionalism", I would say that a general rule of thumb is a shirt, tie, and dress pants for men, and a professional suit for women is a good idea to live by. You never have a second chance to make a good first impression! Best of luck. - Phil

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Answered by Amber, Hiring Expert at DuPont, on September 27, 2017

It is very important to dress appropriately. I would suggest asking the recruiter/hiring manager about the dress code. Depending on the position/work location there may be specific requirements (i.e. steel toed shoes for engineering roles). Most importantly be prepared, confident and professional.

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Answered by Christianna, Hiring Expert at BNY Mellon, on October 2, 2017

Prior to an interview, consider researching the company and gather information on dress codes within the industry for a better understanding of how to dress for the interview. You can also ask the recruiter when setting up the interview what to expect and how to dress. Customarily, candidates will dress in professional business attire. Depending on the position you are interviewing for, the role could be client facing therefore it is customary to dress in a suit. Having clean, neat and professional appearance is key, as is being confident and comfortable in what you are wearing.

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