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Asked by Jonathan on May 18, 2018

I've been with my company for almost three years now. Have had the opportunity to go for a short international assignment and have landed a role that I'm very happy with. Problem is that it's not clear what the next move might be. I've been in this role for a year now and there's no path for development. When is it the right time to explore externally?

Answered by Tom, Hiring Expert at VF Corporation, on June 8, 2018

You've been with your company for 3 years now and 1 year in your current role, that is a more than fair commitment, now is the right time to explore externally.  Remember, you're just exploring, if you find something better, go for it.  If not, continue to keep an eye out externally, but also see if there is anything else internally you can gain some more experience with.  It may not be a new role, but is there a project team or two that you can participate in, any training you can take advantage, even volunteer opportunities.  You may wind up making connections that lead you to that next role you are seeking, even if that is with another company.  Continue to try to make the most of what you already have, but always be open to explore something else.

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