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Asked by Tanya on February 15, 2017

Many recruiters won’t set up a face-to-face until after a phone interview. What should I focus on in a phone interview? What are they looking for?

Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on February 15, 2017

A phone interview is essentially your opportunity to make your first impression and for recruiters to weed out any candidates that may not be a fit for the position. It is hard to fully gauge someone's qualifications based on a resume so a phone interview is an opportunity to do this. Typically, recruiters are gauging your communication skills and using this time to learn about your experience and if it aligns with the needs for the position. This is an opportunity for the recruiter to determine if you are a possible fit in the organization. Phone interviews usually don't get into a lot of detail, they are high-level trying to understand your resume further. During a phone interview, it is key to come across polished and professional. You should also be able to verbalize anything on your resume and demonstrate that you have the skills to fulfill the job requirements.

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