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Asked by Tommy on May 18, 2018

Should I put my references’ contact information directly on my resume?

Answered by Hector, Hiring Expert at Tenneco, on May 18, 2018

I have not worked in Career Services for quite some time, but I was taught that it was not necessary.  Typically if an organization needs references they will ask for them.  You are usually asked to provide this information during the application process. 
The resume is sacred space, and your focus should be on highlighting your skills/compentencies in alignment with the role you are applying for. 
Good luck!
Hector Hernandez

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Answered by Tom, Hiring Expert at VF Corporation, on May 18, 2018

No, there is little to no benefit in doing so and if an employer is interested in your references, they will specifically ask for them as part of the application or later in the process.  On a more subtle note, if you do put them on your resume, they become prospects for a savvy recruiter...the recruiter does not contact them for a reference, but tries to recruit them for a job.  Your references may not care, but best to be cautious about sharing their contact info unless absolutely necessary.  

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