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Asked by Tanya on February 13, 2017

What does it mean when recruiters talk about being a “good fit?”

Answered by Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on February 13, 2017

This typically stems from the culture of the organization; do you have the same values as the company; does their mission statement align with your goals; etc. This also takes into consideration your qualifications- do you meet all requirements of the job and if you have the right skill set.

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Answered by Claire, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on February 15, 2017

Hello! Recruiters typically look for a few factors when determining a “good fit” for the organization. Some of these factors include your major and area of interest, your qualifications for the position you are interested in, and cultural fit. Ultimately, employers want to identify a candidate who is not only qualified for the job but also will identify with the company’s values. Good luck!

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