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Asked by Tanya on April 5, 2017

Why does an employer ask how much you’re currently getting paid? Do you have to answer if you know you’re being underpaid and want to set the bar higher?

Answered by Kimberly , Hiring Expert at Emerson, on May 22, 2017

We ask the salary questions for a few reasons.  We like to know what you're making to gauge whether we could pay similar/more.  It also allows us to get an idea of your salary expectations and allows an open door to discuss the salary and benefits that you're expecting.

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Answered by Ashlyn, Hiring Expert at Worthington Industries, on May 1, 2017

This question is asked for a couple of different reasons. We want to understand where you are currently at in your position and how much you would be expecting should you decide to move onto a new role. Some employers will ask what your salary expectations are for the role in which you're interviewing for, that way they can see if you'd fit within the compensation range in which they've set.

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Answered by James, Hiring Expert at Broadridge, on June 12, 2017

By providing your current salary, it will definitely help you in the long run. If the role for which you are interviewing has a much lower salary than you are expecting, you may not want to continue in the interview process. You can also search industry averages by location based on the job title/field to see a range of salaries to help you in your search.

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