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Jobipedia    Job Tip #1

practice interview questions
Before an interview, practice answering questions out loud
Jobipedia    Job Tip #2

looking at social media
When it comes to social media, assume the interviewer is looking at your profile
Jobipedia    Job Tip #3

annoying cousin in your network
Everyone you know is in your network
(especially that really annoying cousin who already works in your industry)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #4

firm handshake
Always give a firm handshake and make eye contact
Jobipedia    Job Tip #5

linked in up to date
Make sure your LinkedIn profile is always up to date
Jobipedia    Job Tip #6

update resume every 6 mos
You should update your resume at least every 6 months
Jobipedia    Job Tip #7

never say no
Never say “no” during your internship
(unless that creepy staffer asks you out, then it's okay)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #8

moonlight on projects
Moonlight on projects in your internship to gain more experience
Jobipedia    Job Tip #9

tell references
Tell your references that you're listing them as a reference
Jobipedia    Job Tip #10

tailor your resume
Tailor your resume for every position you apply for
Jobipedia    Job Tip #11

use career center
Use the career center at your college campus to help you find opportunities
Jobipedia    Job Tip #12

don't drink caffeine
Don't drink caffeine before an interview
Jobipedia    Job Tip #13

google your name
Google search your name and see what the results are
Jobipedia    Job Tip #14

connect via linkedin
It's okay to connect with recruiters you've never met through LinkedIn
(make sure your message is well written and succinct)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #15

salary negotiation
Move quickly during salary negotiation and make sure you've done your research
Jobipedia    Job Tip #16

overdress for interview
Overdress for your interview and take a shower (
(Duh? You'd be surprised)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #17

salary counter offer
When you counter-offer during salary negotiation, make it realistic and base it on facts from market research
Jobipedia    Job Tip #18

real linkedin photo
Make sure your LinkedIn profile has your picture, not your dog, or a sunset or a superhero
Jobipedia    Job Tip #19

networking is necessary
Networking is necessary for a healthy career
Jobipedia    Job Tip #20

over prepare for interviews
Over prepare for interviews by researching and practicing
Jobipedia    Job Tip #21

volunteer work
Any volunteer work you've done is resume gold and any leadership experience is resume diamonds
Jobipedia    Job Tip #22

take vacation
Take vacation time so you can maintain good mental and physical health
Jobipedia    Job Tip #23

advance education
Stay up to date with the rising trends in your industry by continually advancing your education
Jobipedia    Job Tip #24

speak intelligently about resume
Be able to speak intelligently and positively about everything on your resume
Jobipedia    Job Tip #25

show enthusiasm
During an interview, show how enthusiastic you are about the position
Jobipedia    Job Tip #26

behavioral questions
Interviews will have behavioral questions, so prepare to answer those types of questions
Jobipedia    Job Tip #27

take notes
Always take notes during an interview and try to ask a question based off something the interviewer said
Jobipedia    Job Tip #28

never be late
Never ever be late for an interview
Jobipedia    Job Tip #29

finding a job takes time
Understand that finding a job is going to take time
Jobipedia    Job Tip #30

show up early
Show up early to your interview
(just not a full day early)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #31

talk about conflicts
If you're having a conflict at work, talk it out with the appropriate person. Gossip is unprofessional and doesn't solve the issue.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #32

use job post as guide
When tailoring your resume for a specific position, use the job posting as a guide
Jobipedia    Job Tip #33

find yourself, still network
If you take time to "find yourself" after college, continue to build your network.
(You never know who could help you land a job later!)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #34

day in the life
During an interview ask, "What does a typical day in the life of this position look like?"
Jobipedia    Job Tip #35

first impression is key
Your first impression is key in an interview
(so check your teeth before you go)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #36

build network always
Build your network ALL the time
(yes, even after you've nailed your "dream" job)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #37

dont waste internships
Internships are like matches on a deserted island…don't waste them
Jobipedia    Job Tip #38

be nice to coworkers
Be nice to your coworkers…the business world is smaller than you think
Jobipedia    Job Tip #39

include dates on resume
Always include the dates when you worked on your resume
Jobipedia    Job Tip #40

resume is ad for you
Think of your resume as an advertisement for yourself
Jobipedia    Job Tip #41

internship is job audition
If you want a job offer after your internship is complete, treat your entire experience like one long job audition
Jobipedia    Job Tip #42

non profit involvement
Include any involvement in non-profit organizations on you resume
Jobipedia    Job Tip #43

career is not sprint
A career is a long journey, not a short sprint. Be ambitious, but don't expect a promotion every year.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #44

include variety of references (not bartender)
Make sure to include a variety of references when asked
(sorry, your local bartender isn't a good reference)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #45

prep for interview
The best way to overcome anxiety in an interview is preparation
Jobipedia    Job Tip #46

be polite during salary neg
During salary negotiation, be polite
(scoffing at an offer is a surefire way to lose the opportunity)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #47

find mentor
Find a business mentor to help guide you in your career
Jobipedia    Job Tip #48

detailed responsibilities
Give a detailed account of your job responsibilities on your resume
Jobipedia    Job Tip #49

work through college
Employers see initiative when you mention you worked through college to pay for school
Jobipedia    Job Tip #50

coffee in afternoon
Grabbing a coffee in the afternoon is a great way to boost productivity
Jobipedia    Job Tip #51

common ground with coworker
If you don't get along with a coworker, try to find a common ground with them
(like apps on your phone, or the hot new guy a few cubes down)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #52

network to fast track career
Want to fast track your career? Networking is the best approach!
Jobipedia    Job Tip #53

group interview
In group interviews, be FULLY engaged in the conversation
Jobipedia    Job Tip #54

know yourself
Knowing yourself is a vital pre-requisite to starting your job search
Jobipedia    Job Tip #55

DUI arrests
DUI arrests do not typically show up on background checks unless it's for a driving position
Jobipedia    Job Tip #56

grad program
Before you dive into a graduate program, evaluate why you want to do it
Jobipedia    Job Tip #57

social media/postcard
Social media content is about as private as a post card
Jobipedia    Job Tip #58

send thank you note
After an interview send a physical thank you card to your interviewer
(emails are fine too)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #59

list GPA on resume
You GPA should be listed on your resume
(recruiters will assume it's really bad if missing, so let them decide if it's too low)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #60

never be late
Never be late and always show up prepared
(for meetings, interviews, or anything on your schedule)
Jobipedia    Job Tip #61

keep in touch
An important step in networking is keeping in touch. Remember to send the occasional email to colleagues you don't see on a weekly basis.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #62

dress for job you want
Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. It's been said a million times, but stands the test of time.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #63

leader vs laggards
Don't just be critical but think critically. It's the difference between leaders and laggards.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #64

make the most of every opp
Make the most of EVERY opportunity no matter how small the may seem.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #65

use formal language in emails
Always use formal language in work related emails.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #66

make your boss look good
Find a way to make your boss look good. It will pay off in the long run.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #67

research raises
When asking for a raise do your homework on salary averages in your field, job title and location.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #68

be autonomous
Autonomy is an incredible and valuable skill set that any boss will appreciate (and promote).
Jobipedia    Job Tip #69

outline to-dos
Outline tomorrow's "to-do" before you leave for the day
Jobipedia    Job Tip #70

don't make decisions based on $
Don't make a career decision solely based on money.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #71

collaborate during intern
When interning think like you're the boss, then collaborate to reach goals and succeed.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #72

don't settle
Do not settle. Find a job that you are excited and passionate about, and be open to change.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #73

separate week/weekend
Make every effort to separate your work week and the weekend.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #74

okay to negotiate salary
It's okay to negotiate your salary instead of immediately accepting the first offer you receive.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #75

take unpaid internship
If you can manage, take that unpaid internship in your chosen career field.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #76

research salary range
Research and understand the salary ranges of a position before you even interview.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #77

scary stuff makes you better
It is OK to not always feel comfortable in your career. The scary stuff is what makes you better.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #78

work out resistance
If you're meeting resistance at work, try to work things out with that coworkers first.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #79

you are a billboard
You are walking billboard for yourself. How you dress, what you say, and how you carry yourself tell a story about you.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #80

go above and beyond
Early in your career make it a point to go above and beyond in EVERYTHING you do.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #81

redeem lunch hour
Redeem your lunch hour by listening to a podcast, or having lunch with a colleague. Lunch is not worth wasting or skipping.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #82

find sleep rhythm
Find a healthy sleep rhythm you can sustain over several months. You do your best work when you're well rested.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #83

understand boss
Bosses can be difficult. Always try to understand where they are coming from and, if you're able to do that, you'll be able to anticipate their needs
Jobipedia    Job Tip #84

never stop learning
Never EVER stop learning.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #85

encourage coworkers
Make it a point to encourage your coworkers.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #86

have right connections
Networking never stops. Having the right connection can make all the difference.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #87

study other industries
Study industries outside of your own. Group-think happens quickly. Thought leaders always bring new perspective.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #88

write relevant resume
Write a resume that is relevant to your industry.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #89

happiness in right job
Finding the right job is hard work, your happiness and satisfaction levels will affect your overall productivity.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #90

don't waste time
Your greatest resource in life is time. Don't Waste It!
Jobipedia    Job Tip #91

be early to meetings
Always show up a few minutes early to meetings.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #92

okay to get job in new field
It's okay to look for jobs outside of your college major.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #93

ask for help
Ask for help in your job search from anyone and everyone you know.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #94

apply even if it's not perfect
Even if a job doesn't seem perfect, it's worthwhile to apply. Don't turn yourself down for the company! Let them make that decision.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #95

work well with coworkers
You will never have a perfect team of coworkers, so learn to find common ground and ways to collaborate successfully.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #96

bring questions to interview
Make sure to bring a handful of well-worded questions to any job interview.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #97

invest in your work
Invest time, energy, and heart into your work—it shows and it pays off.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #98

find work/life balance
Early in your career, work hard but make sure you find time for your personal life too.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #99

take quick walks at work
Taking a few minutes to stretch your legs and walk around can re-energize your brain and keep you productive.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #100

think outside of box
Think outside of the box, but don't immediately shut down old or existing ideas.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #101

respect all opinions
Be respectful of your coworker's opinions and perspectives. Collaboration is a key to success.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #102

treat emails like real convos
Treat every email like a face-to-face conversation—be just as professional and polite.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #103

have conversations in person
Have important conversations in person, especially if it's about an issue or conflict.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #104

build bridges
Work to always build bridges with your coworkers.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #105

professional profile pic
Make sure you present yourself professionally in every way—even your email signature and online profile pictures matter!
Jobipedia    Job Tip #106

be honest with boss
Be honest with your supervisor about areas where you are struggling in your work and ask for feedback.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #107

find a mentor
Find someone older than you who knows your field and can be a professional mentor. You can never get too much advice.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #108

long journey not sprint
You will likely work for more than 40 years. Pace yourself! It's a long journey.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #109

stay present even if job searching
Even if you are searching for your next job, be sure to stay present and engaged with the current work you are doing.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #110

always spell check
Spell-check everything you type—there is nothing worse than finding typos after it's too late.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #111

be confident even if young
Even if you are the youngest person in your workplace, YOU were the one they hired. Be confident.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #112

be well read
Never stop learning about your field. Stay on top of new trends, software developments, and exciting new discoveries.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #113

clean the break room
Find ways to go above and beyond, even if it's just cleaning the break room!
Jobipedia    Job Tip #114

golden rule
Treat your coworkers like you want to be treated—it's the classic golden rule.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #115

be respectful in shared spaces
Be respectful if you share office space!
Jobipedia    Job Tip #116

save slang for friends
Save the slang for your friends and the weekends—make sure to speak professionally when you're at work.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #117

Double check work
Always double-check who you are sending your emails to, just to be safe.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #118

business cards
If you have business cards, always keep some on hand!
Jobipedia    Job Tip #119

out of office email
Make sure to set an automatic email responder if you will be out of the office for a day or longer.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #120

informative voicemail greeting
Make sure your voicemail greeting gives callers an alternative way to contact you or a coworker if necessary.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #121

Experiences apply to new fields
For job interviews, prepare to talk about how your experiences apply to new fields.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #122

Stand-out questions
Stand-out questions to ask your interviewer relate to things they said during the interview.
Jobipedia    Job Tip #123