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Flex-time and working at home

Like everything else, you can certainly ask about this during your interview

You can certainly ask about work life balance when you interview. You can also ask about the tele-commute policy.

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Even if flex-time is offered, look at the company culture to see if it’s frowned upon

I always look at the senior leadership team and ask myself "how many of them take advantage of a flex time policy?"...if the answer is none, then I would stop and really consider whether or not I would partake.

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Before you ask, take into account every aspect of working from home and not just the good

Before asking your manager, I would consider if your work could be done from home. Are there any privacy issues? What would be the impact to those not working from home?

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Talk to your supervisor if you’re worried negative perceptions are associated with flex-time

If you continue to feel that there is an unwritten expectation regarding the flex-time, then sit down with your supervisor and talk about expectations and your performance.

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Be able to justify why you are requesting flex-time or working from home

Although companies are becoming more open to working remotely, there should be a reason for requesting to work remotely on a regular schedule (ex. child care, transportation issues, etc,). I would not recommend approaching your manager with such a request unless you have such a justification.

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When it comes to flex-time, performance is a critical factor

Managers and organizations usually care less and less about when, how and where you get your work done after you have proven that you will get it done and completed with quality.

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