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Who is in your Network

You should consider everyone you know as part of your professional network

Everyone you know is a part of your network

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Talk to a professor or mentor about networking opportunities

Some professors have relationships with employees or recruiting teams at companies that could help you get your name out there.

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Don’t hesitate to start networking

You can begin networking with friends, former teachers, coaches, mentors, church groups, or any contact/person you may know. Networking begins & grows with one telephone call...

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Networking can introduce you to social groups and local events

Ask for professional recommendations in terms of local events you may want to attend, groups worth joining, industry associations you should look into, and other networking opportunities you’ve not already tried.

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The first step is to put yourself out there

Putting yourself out there and introducing yourself to people will go a long way when you are looking for a job.

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Your school’s career center can connect you with alumni to network

Your career center may also have a list of alumni they may be able to share with you so that you can proactively reach out to alumni that may have graduated with a similar major and are working in a field of interest to you.

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