/ Asked by Dorothy
Is it a bad idea to apply for several open positions that fit your background within a company at the same time?
Answered by Ellen, Hiring Expert at Hospira, on Monday, March 3, 2014
My suggestion is you select the top two and apply only to the top positions that are the best match.  If you apply to several jobs there could be a perception that you are not sure what you want to focus on.  I think that could be more harmful than good.  If the company feels your background is a better match for a role you did not apply for they will approach you about the other openings.  I hope you find this helpful.

Good luck!
Answered by Siobhan, Hiring Expert at Accenture, on Monday, March 3, 2014
If there are a variety of positions that are of interest to you and for which your background is a fit you can certainly apply. In your cover letter, you can note that you have an interest in a number of the open positions with the company and why you are qualified for these. Please be aware though that many companies will only consider you for one position at a time. As such, you may only receive an interview for one of the positions, so I would recommend only applying to those positions that you are truly interested in, and for which you have the qualifications. - Laura, Accenture campus recruiter
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, March 7, 2014
It is a fine line as you want to explore as many avenues as you can, but at the same time you do not want to appear to a company that you are applying to any position just to get your foot in the door.  I would recommend identifying those positions that have a common theme that fits your career interests and apply to those only.  For example, you may have a desire to get into human resources, particularly compensation and benefits.  Instead of applying for every human resources position, only apply to those which have an element of compensation and benefits.  The recruiters at the company will see this pattern and know that this is a particular field in which you have a high level of interest.
Answered by John, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Monday, March 10, 2014
I don't think it is a bad idea to pursue multiple options at a company; however, I would be mindful of what you are applying for. If the jobs you are applying for span across multiple functions, this might confuse a recruiter or hiring manager, and demonstrate that you're not quite sure what position you are actually interested in. While it's great to keep your options open, sometimes applying to too many makes it seem like you are applying to just an position, not one of actual interest. If you have contact with a representative from the company, make sure to mention the positions that are of interest to you so they are aware and can figure out where the best fit may be. Good luck!
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