/ Asked by Michael
I've been working as an administrator for the past 8 years. During that time I have gained significant, entry-level experience in human resources and would like to shift my focus to HR. My spouse recently accepted a position in another city and I view this as my opportunity to make the change. However a transition expert� I work with said no company would take me seriously 1) because it would result in a drastic reduction in my salary (which I am willing to accept) and 2) while the HR experience is significant, it is not a consistent part of my day-to-day work. I am a very dedicated and hard worker and salary is not my #1 priority. What advice would you offer to overcome any possible bias and convey my passion for HR. And, what certifications or other "extras"� could I obtain or add to my resume to make myself more marketable?
Answered by Dustin, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., on Tuesday, May 6, 2014
While this specific transition is certainly not impossible, there will be some challenges to overcome - mainly lack of HR experience. Graduate programs or training can be a significant accelerator for a career transition which I would encourage. If you can secure some sort of dedicated, entry level HR experience that is a step in the right direction as well. Finally, be persistent, all it takes is one opportunity.
Answered by John, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Wednesday, May 7, 2014
It seems that you have a strong passion and interest to go into the HR field and this passion will be an advantage when you are looking for a new job. Depending on what type of position you are looking for, going back to graduate school or taking a couple of HR related classes might be a good first step if that is possible. Think about the skills you developed when you worked as an administrator and advertise the skills you have to show why you might be a good fit for your new job of interest. Networking with recruiters through social media sites to learn about possible job opportunities would also be a good way for you to get your name out there. Good luck!
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, May 9, 2014
A couple of things jump to mind for your situation.  First is your resume and how it is structured.  I would recommend structuring your resume in a functional format that emphasizes the type of work that you did versus your job titles.  There are many examples of good functional resumes on the internet.  You would list the skills you obtained and functions that you performed in the heart of the resume and the job titles and dates after that section, with much less emphasis on them.  Secondly, an HR certification, such as the PHR, is a very valuable tool in getting employers to consider you.  I would go to the SHRM HR Certification web site and research the PHR certification and when you can take the exam.  Being able to put PHR or SPHR next to your name at the top of your resume will certainly get employers attention.
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