/ Asked by Grace
Is there any way for me to have some kind of job security straight out of college? Many of my friends that got a job after graduation have been laid off due to company cutbacks and theyre back in the same place as they were almost a year ago. These companies made promises about growth and commitment, but unfortunately didn't follow through. Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations!
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at Asurion, on Thursday, March 19, 2015
Job security is important - it allows you to feel comfortable in a work environment and trust the company for which you work. While the state of the company may be out of your control, there are steps you can take to put yourself in the best position to avoid being affected by lay-offs and cut backs. First, do your research. Instead of applying for any and every open position, take time to perform a web search of the company. Read whatever articles you can find that might give you insight as to the current state of the company. Then, apply for open positions at companies who are in a healthy state. Next, build your resume. Instead of spending your summer working at the highest paying job, consider interning (possibly even without pay) in order to gain relevant experience. Money isn't everything - sometimes the bigger payoff is becoming more qualified and experienced, so that you increase your value as an employee. Finally, once you start your new job network, network, network. Be genuine as you meet and form new relationships with people at the company. Be open to learning from them, helping them (even if it requires working outside your job description and/or past 5 p.m.), and viewing them as resources. Also, remember that your attitude is important - be positive and take initiative in your work. Doing these things may not have an affect on layoffs at the company you work for, but they should put you in a position to have more job security despite layoffs. 
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, March 20, 2015
It is understandable to be apprehensive about job security when entering the job market.  Unfortunately, in an unstable global economy, nobody is immune to it.  Having been through several economic down turns in my career, there is one thing that is common among those who have had employment security over a long period of time - they are high performers.  It sounds like an over-simplification, but I have seen that if you work hard, perform at a high level, and demonstrate this to your leadership, the company will do whatever it can to keep you, even in tough economic times.  It is also important to do your research and find out what companies have been able to weather economic storms and what their strategies are to do this.  Those companies who diversify their product and service offerings such that a poor market in one part of the business does not necessarily mean that all business will suffer, are those who have proven to be most successsful.
Answered by Sara, Hiring Expert at American Express, on Friday, March 20, 2015
It is unfortunate that your friends have found themselves in this situation, and it can be intimidating to enter the workforce having seen some of the uncertainty that surrounds job security. However, there are a few things you can do to provide added security.

1. Be selective: Don't pursue every job opening available and rather focus on companies that both interest you and have a good position in the marketplace.  While company stability is not always guaranteed, working with a company that has good growth and positioning will allow you to focus more on gaining experience and expertise rather than worrying about your next paycheck.

2. Network, network, network! Take the time to meet your colleagues in your group and around the organization.   Also, don't limit yourself to networking within the company. Keep in touch with your college friends and utilize networks like LinkedIn to meet individuals across your industry. Be curious and authentic in these conversations as it can help you learn more and build your expertise. This will help you build your company knowledge, but may also provide mentors and advocates that can vouch for you should it be needed in the future.

3. Company flexibility: Many companies today are more open to the idea of employees building their career within the company and therefore more open to the idea of changing roles and even functions. Networking will help you find new roles and opportunities within the company.      
Answered by Ashley, Hiring Expert at Cardinal Health, on Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee job security and it’s unfortunate when someone gets laid off. However, the job market is starting to become more of a job seekers market again so you can begin being more selective on the positions you apply to. You’ll want to do your research on a company prior to applying. It is wise to check in to the company’s history, how they’ve done in the market the past few years, if they’ve had any acquisitions or growth, etc. If you can’t find this information online, I would encourage you to ask these types of questions during an interview. Another thing to keep in mind is the industry. If the economy isn’t doing well, is the industry you’re working in something that could survive? I’d recommend looking at industries that offer a product or service people will always need. Keep in mind, a company cannot guarantee a position will exist for the next several years but by doing research, you can help yourself to find a position in a more stable company.
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