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I recently graduated this past may with a bachelor's degree in music. I have held an internship every summer and the position I hold now is a music licensing intern position. I have been with this company last summer, this past spring and will continue into this summer. It doesn't seem like they will be offering me a position (small company, tight budget, etc.). A lot of the positions that I have applied for require 1-3 years of experience doing administrative work. I am looking for jobs related to music licensing, music administration, or the entertainment industry. Should I look and apply for admin assistant/ office coordinator positions that are not in music and gain a year or two of experience before applying to music related positions? Of course I would love my job to be related to my field, but I have been applying to over 40 positions in the past month and have not heard back from any. Is this too early in the game? I have been applying to companies both big and small. Your feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!!
Answered by Charlene, Hiring Expert at Gap Inc., on Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Congratulation on your graduation!  You did something very wise by taking a meaningful internship and something you have a passion and real interest.  This position has given you some very crediable experiences in the industry and because the company is small, you may have actually got even more experiences due to the fact that in small companies people often take on many roles.  Be sure that you are highlighting your experience in your applications, emails, cover letters, and resume as well as when you are networking. Continue to apply to positions in the industry, however if you find a company that you are passionate about and they have an entry level position (perhaps administrative) my advice is to take the position if you are able to do it, financially and have the skills.  This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate many skills that are transferable into many positions within the company including: time management, communication, leadership and initiative. Remember if you take this opportunity, be sure that every day you bring your best self.   Make sure that when are interviewing the company knows your career aspirations and that  you are willing to put in the hard work to get to that position. Good Luck!   
Answered by Kaitlin, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Congratulations on your graduation! That is a wonderful accomplishment. I commend you for continuing with your company for a year now. It’s great that you have had a long term internship within your degree area to enhance your skills. I would continue to research and apply to music related positions along with positions of interest outside of music. I know many companies will be posting additional open positions throughout the summer months in preparation of fall recruiting. There are new positions posted daily so do not get discouraged. The right opportunity will come your way – just be patient. Best of luck in your job search!
Answered by Sara, Hiring Expert at American Express, on Friday, June 12, 2015
Congratulations on finishing your degree! This is a great accomplishment and an exciting time for you to pursue your focused interests. If the roles you are seeking require administrative skills, and you have been interning with your current company for a while (and have established good relationships with them), try working with them to customize your internship to also include the work experience you feel is needed to be competitive. 
Look at how your resume is crafted, because work experience in an internship does count toward the 1-3 year requirement. You likely have skills and experiences that are relatable to your job search. You can also customize your resume based on what a job description highlights as their most valued skills. In other words, put certain bullet points at the top of a an internship detail if it matched key  skills/experience that a job asks of their applicants. 
Most jobs are for immediate hire so if your internship isn't done until August, it might actually be a little early. But you're not too far off the mark.   Definitely be persistent though and keep applying.

Best of luck!   
Answered by Amanda, Hiring Expert at Archer Daniels Midland, on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
Recent graduates often find themselves stuck between needing experience and having a hard time getting in the door to gain that experience.  Staying within your desired field is always best when seeking a career; however, it is not always easy to do.  If you cannot find something that will give you the experience employers are looking for that is also within your field, I think the next best thing would be to seek a job outside of that field to gain the experience, while simultaneously continuing with other endeavors (part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, clubs, etc.) within that field so future employers can still see that you have been active in and still have a passion for that field.  I don't think it's too early as long as you stay active in music!
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