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I had an interview a couple of days ago in a different division of my own company. I told the interviewer that I read about his profile and field of expertise on the company's intranet. From that, I knew what kind of questions he would ask me. I also spoke to few of his colleagues (colleagues of mine as well) to inquire about my interviewer's working style so I could prepare accordingly for the interview. I also read his project reports available on the company intranet. I told my interviewer I did all this preparation during the interview. Was that a good thing or a bad thing to give such information to the interviewer? I personally regretted telling him this. I feel had I not told him, he would have thought, "Boy, this guy is a genius, he answered all my questions" would he now think." In my next interviews should I tell my interviewer how I prepared for the interview? Especially if I inquired about that person, their projects, etc.? Thanks in advance!
Answered by Cassie, Hiring Expert at The Hershey Company, on Monday, July 6, 2015
It is always good to be prepared for your interview and often times the interviewer will ask how you prepared for the interview, so I do not think it’s a bad thing that you told him how you prepared. You should always be honest and up front.  To me this shows that you really care and want the position, and also want to make sure it’s a good fit by looking into some of his projects and his leadership style. We often have managers that get upset when a candidate is interviewing for another role in the company and they hadn’t reached out to the previous incumbent (If they are still with the company) or other members on the team to learn more about the role/team. Again, it shows just how interested you are in the position and that you wanted to ensure it’s a good fit.
You should not alter your personality or the way you would normally answer the questions though based on his style. It’s good to have the research so you know what types of examples/projects would be most meaningful to cover during the interview, but make sure you are still yourself and not portraying yourself differently. 
Answered by Sebastian, Hiring Expert at Grace, on Monday, July 6, 2015
It is definitely a good thing that you invested time to learn more about the interviewer and her/his projects. In my opinion it would not have been necessary to tell the interviewer in all detail, but at the same time it is not a negative thing. Also, it seems that all the information can be found by anyone on your company’s Intranet, so I’m pretty sure that the interviewer would have been surprised if you had not done any research prior to your interview.
Typically the interviewer/Hiring Manager would ask specific questions during the process to find out whether or not an applicant is prepared. My recommendation is to keep preparing for interviews like you did for this one. Based on how the conversation goes, you can then decide to what extend you would like to tell the interviewer about your research. 
Answered by Stephanie, Hiring Expert at AT&T Inc., on Monday, July 6, 2015
If you had asked this forum what they thought you should do to prepare for the interview, I think it is likely folks would have said things like...research the position, network, talk to colleagues who are knowledgeable about the position and business unit.  These are the things you did, so good on you for being prepared and making sure you were able to put your best foot forward.  Did you do anything inappropriate to get this information?  Did you make anyone uncomfortable with your inquiries?  Did your actions violate your company's code of business conduct? Based on your question, it doesn't sound like any of those things apply here.  If your next interviewer asks you what you did to prepare, you should be able to confidently discuss your course of action and frame it in such a way that it truly demonstrates your interest and passion about pursuing the position.  Answering all of the questions is just one part of the interview.  Focus your efforts on being prepared, being honest, being true to your interests and the needs of the business.  Best of luck!
Answered by Charlene, Hiring Expert at Gap Inc., on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
I applaud you for doing your research.  It is always great to find out as much as you can before siitting down for an internview and definitely can prepare you for what might be likely questions. As to if you should tell the interviewer, each situation may be a little different.  If the interviewer ask what you did to prepare for the interview I believe they are looking for someone that went above and beyond to prepare and in this case honesty would impress your interviewer.  If the interviewer does not ask it may be just as impressive for you to answer questions with all of the knowledge from your research and not necessarily speak to your preparation. In any case I believe you should not regret that you let interviewer know, had you not said something you may have regretted that you did not mention it,  so best to leave everything you have in the interview for no regrets.  I wish you the best and again think your research and preparation are definitely going to set you up for success.   
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