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I am an international student who is soon going to complete his Bachelor of science degree in computer science from Georgia Tech. However, I have not had any work experience such as a co-op or internship yet. I plan on beginning my search for jobs soon and hence would like some advice. Should I be able to get a decent job despite not having done an internship and where should I begin the search?
Answered by Nell, Hiring Expert at Pitney Bowes, on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

First off congratulations on your upcoming graduation! A computer Science Degree from Georgia Tech is something to be very proud of and will absolutely help you find a good job! I have a couple of tips for you:
1) Start applying for fulltime positions and internships. In the unlikely event that you are not able to find fulltime employment right away, an internship/co-op post-graduation is an awesome opportunity.
2) Focus on companies that have a global scope and that are open to hiring international students; this will help concentrate your efforts in the right directions.
3) Utilize your career services team to the max. They will help connect you to alumni and companies who are interested in hiring you! They can point you in the direction on online job boards and career fairs to attend. Their leads are great!
4) Focus on your hard skills, finished projects and team work. This will help show off the skills that you have, even though you do not have any formal work experience yet.
5) Keep your resume one-page and esthetically pleasing. Make sure you are applying to 30 opportunities a day and be open to moving.
I wish you all the best of luck!
Answered by Kaitlin, Hiring Expert at Textron Inc., on Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Congratulations on your fast approaching graduation!  I do not believe that you will have difficulty finding a position due to not having a previous internship.  It’s important for you to be looking for both full-time and internship opportunities for after you graduate.  Even if you have graduated, an internship is great way for you to enhance your skills and learn more about the field of work you want to go into.  Due to being an international student I would research companies that are interested in hiring international students.  There are a variety of restrictions with certain companies that prohibit them from hiring international candidates.  Lastly, when you are researching positions of interest that you want to apply to tailor your resume to align your strengths and experiences to the qualifications the company is looking for.  Good luck!
Answered by Lori, Hiring Expert at Cigna, on Thursday, July 9, 2015
First off congratulations on your impending graduation! You will not necessarily have difficulty for not having a co-op or internship to date. When looking for your first job, it is best to do as much research as possible regarding target companies, roles and locations to know where you want to focus. You can typically get this information from your school's career services area, or even on the internet. The more flexible you are with your job components, the more opportunities you will have available to explore. Depending on your area of focus within computer science, you may find you can find a full time position fairly easily. If you do run into organizations looking for more hands on experience than you have to offer, you can still explore internships or contract to full time openings to get your foot in the door.
Answered by Steve, Hiring Expert at Caterpillar Inc., on Friday, July 17, 2015
Congratulations.  You will be at somewhat of a disadvantage, but this is nothing that you cannot overcome.  Your major of computer science is still in high demand, so there will be opportunities for you.  What is important is to be flexible in terms of where geographically you are willing to work and for what companies.  I would encourage you to keep all options open and do not limit yourself to one part of the country.  A good way to gain experience is through a position with an employment firm in which you would work as a contractor for another company.  There are numerous such companies out there.  I would simply start with a Google search of IT consulting firms.
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