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I am 64 years old and just got my masters degree in Visual Communication. I'm having a hard time getting interviews. Any suggestions?
Answered by Suzi, Hiring Expert at HP Inc., on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

 Congratulations on receiving your masters degree!  
As with all job applicants, preparation of your resume is key!  Each resume should be customized specifically for the job you're applying for, and each resume submitted should reflect your latest/greatest accomplishments, using terms that recruiters and hiring managers will find appealing.  Additional resume prep actions include:
  • soften the titles listed on your resume (i.e. using "senior manager" rather than "Vice President"), to avoid being considered over-qualified;
  • list all courses/certifications to show your willingness to learn and keep your skill set updated;
  • definitely include any computer/technical skills relevant to the type of job you are applying for;
  • emphasize your results and achievements!   List any accomplishments that set you apart from other applicants.
Keep in mind that recruiters may receive hundreds of applications for a single posting.   Many utilize keyword search criteria, when reviewing new applications, to qualify applicants for further review and consideration.   Invest some time in learning relevant "buzz-words" for your targeted role(s), or utilize the specific skills set forth in the job description(s) on your resume.   The additional effort may just pay off in increased visibility with hiring managers and recruiters.
Best of luck with your journey!!
Answered by Charlene, Hiring Expert at Gap Inc., on Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Congratulations on obtaining the degree! One suggestion on getting an interview within this particular field is ensuring you attach a portfolio of your work with every job application.  Sometimes this may not be requested/required however my belief is that the application/resume is your first impression and it's important to put your best foot forward.  Select a few outstanding examples of your work and leaving them wanting to see more!  Good Luck.
Answered by Meredith, Hiring Expert at ManpowerGroup, on Monday, September 21, 2015
I would highly recommend you research recruiters at staffing agencies that hire for your line of work. Consider both temporary and permanent assignments! Often times a long term temp role can convert into a permanent role. Recruiters can get your foot in the door at target employers that you normally would not have access to, they can introduce you to roles you might not been aware of according to your background and they have the normally awkward salary discussions for you. Additionally, most staffing firms offer their candidates benefits after just a few months of working and have additional perks like continuing education, transit check reimbursement, 401k contribution eligibility, etc. Lastly, it’s important to register with as many staffing firms as possible and commit to applying to 5+ jobs daily. It’s all in the numbers- the more applications you complete, the more recruiters will reach out to you.
You should also be active on Linkedin. Indicate that you are a recent grad and current job seeker in your headline. Subscribe to groups in your area of interest- they are often a good resource for roles. Look on the “Jobs” tab for ideal positions and contact the hiring manager or person listed on the requisition. Politely inquire about the opportunity, enter a few *brief* lines about how your experience can be leveraged for the role and attach your resume. This will bring it to the top of the pile. Be careful to not inquire again if they don’t respond to your initial message. If they are interested in your candidacy, they have received your submission and will definitely be in touch if it’s a fit. They might also keep you in mind for future opportunities. You never know- it’s good to build a network of recruiters for down the line.
Lastly, look on sites like Indeed.com and job boards in your area of expertise. A simple Google search will pull up boards that are relevant to the kinds of positions you are seeking. Best of luck to you & congrats on your degree! It’s exciting to begin a job in a new field!
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